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2014 Tastings World Beer Championships

Why Enter the World Beer Championships?

The World Beer Championships is more than a beer competition. It’s a powerful beer marketing program that can help deliver sales whether you are a brewer or an importer of beer—big or small.

The World Beer Championships has seven different tasting sessions per year that cover all the major styles. You get more than a chance to win a medal, you get a consumer friendly beer review and unlike other competitions, we do the marketing legwork and help you get the word out to your potential customers.

Unique Marketing Benefits:

  • Listings in All About Beer Magazine’s Buying Guide - We compile All About Beer Magazine’s Buying Guide to Beer from our recent tasting sessions. Make sure all your beers are in America’s #1 beer magazine
  • Postings to Tastings.com’s Searchable Database - The internet’s most powerful search engine for beers, wines, and spirits. Over 90,000 unique users a month use the search engines on Tastings.com to help them pick the right beer. We also send you links to your beers for your website, Facebook page, and Twitter account.
  • Your bottle’s label and contact information are posted for free on Tastings.com next to your review, click HERE to see. Let’s be honest. A lot of people buy beers because they like the label. We make sure those people get to see your beers too.
  • A top beer is featured monthly in the on the homepage of Tastings.com.
  • Attractive award certificates with 100-point-based scores and medals for all of your recommended beers. A colorful medal certificate suitable for framing. We can even send you our certificate logo for your ads, P.O.S. and packaging material.
  • NEW! – FREE digital shelf talkers & single country use of BTI’s powerful logo for your beer’s packaging and POS.     You can get professional, printer ready shelf talker PDFs with consumer-friendly tasting notes for your beers plus you get to use our logo for 2 years in your country. AND we can also print your shelftalkers for you at a nominal charge.


Click HERE to download a 2014 Beer Registration Form


Click HERE to download a 2014 Beer Style Tasting Schedule

Shipping Instructions

For more information about how to enter a commercially produced bottled or draft beer into this year’s World Beer Championships or get an entry form faxed to you contact Tom Sulinski at tsulinski@tastings.com or call him at 773-930-4080.



What is The World Beer Championships? 

A consumer-focused competition devoted to finding and understanding great beers

The World Beer Championships, founded in 1994, is America’s oldest international beer competition and is open to all commercially produced beers from around the world, regardless of US distribution. It is a medal-based competition that awards its medals based on the proprietary blind tasting methodology developed by the Beverage Testing Institute (BTI) and bands of the consumer accepted, 100-point quality rating scale.

Instead of trying to cram the tasting of hundreds or thousands of beers into a week, or even a weekend, like other beer competitions, the World Beer Championships reviews a different category of beer every other month and carefully blind tastes no more than thirty-five beers a day with a small cadre of experienced judges from the retail, on-premise, distribution, and importing trades—all certified by BTI. Beers are generally consistent, recipe-based products, unlike differing vintages of wine, so creating consistent and reliable reviews for consumers that clearly address this fundamental nature of beer is a primary goal of the World Beer Championships. In the World Beer Championships evaluation process, significant differences in a product’s score (particularly those placing a product into a different quality band) from previous year’s score are reviewed by BTI’s editorial tasting panel and stand if—having already eliminated the possibility of an obvious beer fault—backup samples reveal the same results as the initial panel tasting.

The World Beer Championships is not slavish to, or dogmatic about style distinctions and allows for the personal expression of a brewer’s creativity within a conventional beer style. At the end of the day, a consumer cares about the taste and quality of a beer, not how well it conforms to a rigidly defined style parameter. Obviously a barleywine should not taste like a light beer, and any wide or questionable variations within a style are scored according to the flavor and appeal of the final results and duly referenced in the tasting note so that consumers can decide if such a variation is of interest to them.

Because of these proven methods, the results of World Beer Championships are far more consistent and meaningful to consumers than other competitions, where routinely a given product will earn a gold or silver medal one year and in the next it won’t place, even in a field of nearly identical competition—a very confusing and nonsensical situation to present to consumers, be they novices or connoisseurs. Finally, unlike other competitions, the World Beer Championships regularly distributes its ongoing, bi-monthly results and reviews to consumers and trade through print, Internet, and broadcast media, ensuring that consumers have access to up-to-date, no-nonsense reviews for their important buying decisions.

All WBC beer reviews from the last several years are fully searchable online at: www.tastings.com/search_beer.lasso

A more detailed explanation of BTI’s tasting methodology can be found here: http://www.tastings.com/bti/how_we_taste.html

Our beer reference information including regions, styles, beer faults, food pairing, glassware, and basic brewing techniques can be found here: http://www.tastings.com/beer/index.html

Questions? Call or Email Tom Sulinski, 773-930-4080, tsulinski@tastings.com

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