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February 27, 2014
Beer Packaging Awards

February 27, 2014
Wine Packaging Awards

September 9, 2013
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. Wine Latest US Bordeaux Varietal Wines   US
It’s good to be king

Pinot is hot but Cabernet, and other Bordeaux varietal based wines, are still king, at home and abroad.   more >>

South America Steps Up   INTL
The land of wine value and quality

Chile and Argentina are arguably the most consistent producers of great tasting, value-oriented wines.   more >>

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Beer Stouts & Porters
Depths of Darkness for the Depths of Winter

Each year Tastings.com’s World Beer Championships is brought to a close with our annual stouts and porters review. From dark brown to black in color, these beers feature flavors and aromas ranging from dark fruit to chocolate and coffee. While some stouts and porters may be one-dimensional, only highlighting simple roasted malt driven flavors and aromas, the truly great examples are able to hold the drinker captive, able to leave drinkers with more words than chocolate or coffee as descriptors.   more >>

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Spirits We’re Going to Bourbonland!
Fee, fi, faux fun.

“…a five story high Bourbon bottle,” the under-hyphenated press release read, and for a moment I thought it was an announcement of a new 750,000ml packaging innovation. Be a little hard to carry home, I thought, but it sure would save on trips to the liquor store.   more >>

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Wine of the Week
Domaine de Nizas 2013 Rosé, Coteaux du Languedoc AOC $17.
206034 OK, we're going to keep drinking rosé until it really turns to spring, deal? This tasty French one, is a great place to start the negotiation of Mother Nature.
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Beer of the Week
Birra Amiata Contessa Italian Pale Ale.
203439 This Italian charmer is hard to find, but well worth the hunt. A great marriage of European and American malt and hop qualities that's great on it's own or with foods.
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Spirit of the Week
OYO Wheat Whiskey $45.
205630 Wheat whiskies are flavorful, fun, and easy drinking whiskies. We really like this one from one of Ohio's best craft distilleries.
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