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Beer Style Definitions

Sing along now: 60 bottles of beer on the wall, 60 bottles of beeeeeeeer! That’s right, there are about 60 different styles of beer. That means there’s one, or two, or more for you. Click here for a list of all beer styles. Below is a list of the six major categories of beer styles. Click on any one to see the styles it encompasses and definitions of each style. Let us know when you’ve tasted them all.

Beers of the world

Beer and Food

The fine arts of cooking with beer and matching the right beer to food. Beer and Food.

Understanding the brewing process

To understand beer it helps to understand how it is made. Here is a quick synopsis. Brewing.

Freshness counts

Beer is food, and it is perishable. Here are some tips on getting the fresh beer. Perishable. Why does that beer taste like #%$!*!!!? Could be it was poorly made, or it could be poorly handled. Learn what can go wrong. Faults.


Does the glass shape and size actually influence the taste of beer? The answer is yes, up to a point. Glassware.

Wisdom from Norm Peterson

Norm Peterson, the real star of Cheers and the world’s greatest beer lover shares his thoughts on his favorite quencher. Norm!