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This online searchable database contains the last three years of beer tastings at any time. Reviews older than three years are taken down and replaced with new reviews from our bimonthly beer tastings.

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To use the Keyword Search type a keyword (or keywords) into the box and click Search. A keyword can be a beer style, a brewery name, a brand name, or pretty much anything that would be printed on a the label of a beer bottle. To refine your beer searches and get manageable lists select any of the categories below. You can also narrow your search choosing any of the score categories. A keyword selection can also be combined with any of the options below.

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96 to 100 (Superlative)
90 to 95 (Exceptional)
85 to 89 (Highly Recommended)
80 to 84 (Recommended)
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Beer Types
Specific Beer Categories All Categories

Belgian & Continental Style Ales

Abbey Single
Abbey Dubbel
Abbey Tripel
Belgian Style Amber Ale
Belgian Style Blonde Ale
Belgian Style Brown Ale
Belgian Style Golden Ale
Belgian Style Red Ale
Belgian Style Strong Ale
Belgian Style Specialty Ale
Belgian Style White
Biere de Garde
Flemish Style Brown Ale

Wheat Beers

Berliner Weisse
Weizen Bock
Weizen Dunkel
Weizen Hefe
Weizen Kristall
Wheat Ale
White Beer
Flavored Wheat Beer

British & North American Ales

Amber Ale
American Ale
American Golden Ale
American Style Pale Ale
Barley Wine
Black & Tan
Cream Ale
British Style Pale Ale
English Style Brown Ale
India Pale Ale
Imperial IPA
Irish Style Ale
Winter Ale
Spiced Winter Ale
Scottish Style Ale
Strong Ale

Stouts & Porters

Dry Stout
Baltic Porter
Flavored Porter
Flavored Stout
Imperial Stout
Oatmeal Stout
Sweet Stout

Lager Styles

Amber Lager
Black Beer
Black & Tan
Dark Lager
Dry Beer
Ice Beer
Malt Liquor
Munich Helles
Non Alcoholic Lager
Pale Lager
Reduced Calorie Lager
Vienna Märzen
Winter Lager
Specialty Lagers
Low Alcohol Lager

Specialty Beer Styles

Draft Cider
Hard Cider
Fruit Beer
Lambic Fruit
Lambic Gueuze
Specialty Ales


Root Beer
Miscellaneous Options
Certified Organic
NOTE: If at first you don’t find what you wanted, click the Clear button to make sure you aren’t accidentally searching for an impossible combination like a U.S. Trappist beer.

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