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92 • Burleigh Brewing Co. Duke Pale Ale.
Brilliant amber color. Nicely balanced toast, praline, and citrusy hop aromas and flavors on a crisp medium palate with a long, refreshing lightly piney hop finish. A spot on American style pale ale with seamless balance and an attractive fresh hop character. (tasted on May-02-2010)
92 • Deschutes Brewery Mirror Pond Pale Ale.
Aromas of honeyed raisin toast, peach butter, jasmine, and orange marmalade follow through on a round, creamy entry to a fruity-yet-dry medium body with banana pudding note and great smoothness. Finishes with a long, creamy citrus nut and earth accented fade. A delicious and wonderfully balanced pale ale. (tasted on Mar-03-2010)
91 • Deschutes Brewery Red Chair NWPA.
Brilliant amber color. Aromas of roasted pepper and meat with spicy warm raisin compote and mint follow through on a round, supple entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium body with hints of brown sugar and cocoa. Finishes with a long, roasted nut, chocolate mint, and citrus marmalade fade. Very tasty and interesting. (tasted on Mar-03-2010)
87 • Black Sheep Brewery Monty Python's Holy (Gr)ail.
Deep gold color. Bright floral honey on lemon poppy seed muffin aromas and flavor with a smooth yet lively carbonated texture and a butter praline, peach jam, and dried citrus splash on the zesty finish. (tasted on Jun-09-2010)
85 • Kankiku Meijyo Co. Kujukuri Ocean Beer Pale Ale.
Bright golden amber color. Yeasty toast grain and bread aromas have a lash of roasted vegetable and apple cider vinegar and follow through on a creamy entry to a sourish light-to-medium body with browned apple, dried lemon, and earthy, mossy hops on the lightly astringent finish. Slightly infected, but a solid food beer underneath. (tasted on Feb-02-2010)
84 • Grumpy Troll Brewery Sand Creek Pale Ale.
Hazy pale golden amber color. Fruity honeyed grapefruit, pine needle, and Hawaiian bread aromas follow through on a soft, silky entry to a dryish light-to-medium body with delicate notes of omelette and brioche. Finishes with a very crisp and astringent grassy and citrusy hop bite. (tasted on Mar-10-2010)
83 • Moosehead Breweries Ltd. Pale Ale.
Golden yellow color. Mild egg sandwich aromas follow through on a crisp, frothy entry to a dryish light-to-medium body with a touch of canned corn and a quick, white toast and lemon pith accented finish. (tasted on Mar-10-2010)
82 • Nebraska Brewing Company Cardinal Pale Ale.
Pale amber color. Bright aromas of honeyed grapefruit, kumquat, and pine with a touch of peach marmalade underneath follow through on a zesty entry to a dryish medium-to-full body with a dash of nut toast lending support. Finishes with roasted root vegetable, herbal honey and pine cone accents on the citrus hop dominated fade. A bit too heavy handed and unbalanced. (tasted on Mar-03-2010)


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