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91 • Birra Ichnusa Speciale Lager.
Yellow color. Aromas of brazil nuts, bread dough and circus peanuts with a crisp, frothy medium body and a tangy peppery, honeyed citrus, apple and grassy earth finish. A nice zesty food beer. (tasted on May-25-2011)
90 • Shmaltz Brewing Company Coney Island Sword Swallower Lager.
Bright golden amber color with a rich white head. Rich aromas of spicy fruit pastry, grilled root vegetable and kale with a supple, dry-yet-fruity medium-full body and a hint of golden molasses and buttercream on the peppery, grassy hops finish. A rich and racy, hopped up lager. (tasted on Dec-02-2011)
88 • Granville Island Brewing Co. Island Lager.
Pretty golden amber color. Orange blossom honey on waffle aromas with a supple dry-yet-fruity medium body and a zesty, citrus and grain finish. Solid. (tasted on Nov-10-2011)
88 • Samuel Smith's Old Brewery Pure Brewed Organic Lager.  Certified Organic 
Pale golden color. Aromas of nougat, powdered pastry, and white chocolate with a supple, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a tangy citrus, apple, pepper and grass finish. Nice marriage of discreet bread and fruit flavors. (tasted on Nov-14-2012)
87 • Narragansett Brewing Company Lager Beer.
Golden amber color. Attractive buttered orange bread toast aromas with a crisp, dryish medium-to-full body and a grainy, white nut, starfruit and orange blossom honey accented finish. (tasted on Nov-08-2011)
85 • Burleigh Brewing Co. BIGHEAD No Carb Lager.
Golden amber color. Aromas of Belgian waffle, delicate herb and spice aromas with a soft, dryish light body and an pear, roasted root vegetable and sprout finish. (tasted on Dec-02-2011)
85 • Birra Ichnusa Lager.
Aromas of stone fruits, figs, and banana bread with a crisp, supple dry-yet-fruity medium body and a mellow apple sauce, bib lettuce and wafer finish. A clean, refreshing quaffer. (tasted on May-25-2011)
85 • Top of the Hill Restaurant & Brewery Kenan Lager.
Bright golden color. Bright roasted corn and lemon curd on buttered toast aromas with a soft, dryish light-to-medium body and a crisp, nut toast and earthy hop finish. (tasted on Nov-08-2011)
85 • Copper Bell Lager.
Golden yellow color. Aromas of scrambled eggs and raisin toast with a crisp, dryish light body and a refreshing citrus custard and bibb lettuce finish. (tasted on Dec-02-2011)
84 • Quidi Vidi Brewing Co. Iceberg Beer.
Pale golden yellow color. Aromas of roasted corn and toasty peach cream danish with a dry-yet-fruity medium body and a tangy, radish, praline and apple finish. A nice quaffer. (tasted on Nov-08-2011)
83 • Kodiak Ridge Lager.
Pale yellow color. Aromas of roasted turnip and cinnamon rice pudding with a soft, light body and and crisp citrus and grassy hop finish. (tasted on Dec-02-2011)
82 • Those Guys Beer All Malt Lager.
Golden amber color with a slight haze. Lightly yeasty sour dough and corn pudding aromas with a crisp, dryish light-to-medium body and a nice wet grain, starfruit, poached egg and mineral tang on the finish. A decent lawn mower beer. (tasted on Mar-15-2011)
82 • Port Republic Light Beer.
Golden yellow color. Starfruit, roasted sweet potato, and cinnamon roll with a soft, light body and a jicama, apple, and chalk accented finish. (tasted on Dec-02-2011)


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