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89 • Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Co. Half Dome California Wheat.
Lightly hazy old gold color. Pleasant aromas of spicy banana bread pudding and buttery toasted nuts with a plush, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a tangerine, starfruit, and peppered melon accented finish. A fun, lively wheat ale. (tasted on Jul-10-2012)
88 • Goose Island Beer Co. 312 Urban Wheat Ale.
Hazy straw yellow color. Zesty lemon-orange cake, pine, and custard aromas with a crisp, dryish medium body and a tangy wafer, melon, and bib lettuce accented finish. Tasty. (tasted on Jul-18-2012)
88 • Bat Creek Brewery Heartland Wheat.
Golden amber color. Aromas of spicy apple turnover and nougat with a supple, fruity medium body and a crisp, roasted corn, honey roasted apple, pear, citrus, and pepper bread accented finish. A tasty, savory wheat ale. (tasted on Jul-04-2012)
86 • Two Beers Brewing Co. Panorama Wheat Ale.
Bright golden color. Aromas of tapioca, honey butter, and salted biscuit with a supple, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a pleasant orange, melon and roasted root vegetable accented finish. A nice savory food beer. (tasted on Jul-10-2012)
86 • Hopper Whitman Summer Brew Wheat.
Aromas of honeyed nuts and spicy citrus pastry with a silky dry-yet-fruity medium body and a seamless butter roasted sweet potato, melon, and citrus soufflé finish. A nicely meshed, easy drinking beer. (tasted on Jul-10-2012)
86 • Four in Hand River Card Wheat.
Cloudy golden silver color. Aromas and flavors of roasted shittake, squash, and corn pudding with a supple, dryish medium body and a honeyed nut, sweet mint cream, orange rind, and radish like finish. A bit odd, but food friendly; serve with veggie burgers. (tasted on Jul-10-2012)
86 • Tap Room 21 Moe's Backroom Wheat Beer.
Aromas of caramelized pear tart with a supple, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a smooth, tangy, citrus, melon, and sprouts finish. A tidy quaffer. (tasted on Jul-11-2012)
81 • Pagosa Brewing Company Wolf Creek Wheat.
Minutely hazy golden color. Aromas and flavors of honeyed pear danish and banana chips with a supple, dry medium body and a toffeed nut with a bit molten plastic and wax on the finish. (tasted on Oct-16-2012)


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