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93 • Les Brasseurs du Nord Boréale IPA.
Brilliant amber color. Aromas of citrus marmalade, honey, roasted nuts and grain, and toasted herb muffin with a foamy, fruity-yet-dry medium-to-full body and a rounded, wet stone, onion sprout, fruitcake, and white pepper finish. Lots of herbal complexity make this a distinctive, very food friendly IPA. (tasted on Oct-02-2013)
92 • Reuben's Brews Wheat IPA.
Golden amber color. Enticing aromas of lavender, jasmine rice, and peach pastries with a crisp, dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and a grapefruit creme brulee and grassy hop driven finish. This is really delicious and a great fusion of styles. A great choice for spicy curries. (tasted on Feb-27-2013)
91 • Oskar Blues Brewery Deviant Dale's IPA.
Copper color. Explosively hoppy aromas of orange, mango and apricot marmalades on Hawaiian toast,grilled parsnip, and spruce with a chewy, dry-yet-fruity medium-full body and a long, exotic peppercorn and grilled radicchio like hop finish. A vivacious IPA for hopheads. (tasted on Mar-05-2013)
90 • The Boston Beer Co. Tasman Red.
Murky deep reddish brown. vibrant aromas of fresh herbs, chocolate nuts, sarsaparilla, and citrus compote with a velvety fruity-yet-dry medium-full body and a long fruity, zesty peppery finish. Delicious and well balanced malt and hops. (tasted on Mar-13-2013)
90 • Rogue Ales Portland State IPA.
Meaty aromas of dried apricot, pineapple yogurt, artichoke heart with a tangy, dryish medium body and a bitter grilled nectarine and grain, arugula, and grassy hop finish. An earthy, visceral IPA that will be good with food. (tasted on Mar-13-2013)
89 • Grand Rapids Brewing Company Fishladder IPA.  Certified Organic 
Pale amber color. Aromas of dark nut toast and lemon curd with a crisp, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a honeyed peach and peppered citrus finish. A rock solid IPA for all occasions. (tasted on Feb-27-2013)
88 • High Noon Saloon & Brewery Deorganizer IPA.
Pretty orange copper color. Dense aromas of roasted citrus, root vegetables and rubber tire with a fruity, slightly sourish medium body and a very astringent tangerine juice, pine, and peppered mesclun like finish. Intense. (tasted on Feb-27-2013)
87 • Double Take India Pale Ale.
Engaging aromas of creme brulee, roasted nut, clay, dried citrus and stone fruits with a supple, fruity medium-to-full body and a juicy fruit cake, bubblegum, pepper, and grassy hop finish. A nice fruity IPA that is a pleasure to drink and will be good with pub grub. (tasted on Mar-13-2013)
87 • Hopcat Brewery Son of Hoppo IPA.
Dark amber copper color. Aromas of wet roasted grain, powdered citrus cleanser, dusty herbs, and brown grain with a crisp, racy dryish medium body and a grilled root vegetable, stewed spinach, and rapini finish. (tasted on Oct-02-2013)
86 • Fort Collins Brewery Rocky Mountain IPA.
Deep amber copper color. Aromas of sourdough, nut butter, and overripe citrus with a chewy dryish medium-to-full body and a husky grainy grass, roasted root vegetable and pepper and finish. (tasted on Mar-05-2013)
86 • Barrel Trolley IPA.
Pure amber color. Well integrated aromas of fruit, honey, and grainy toast with a supple, fruity-yet-dry medium body and a clean, tropical fruit custard and baking spice accented finish with a nice dash of grassy, earthy hops. A very nice, easy drinking IPA that is sure to please. (tasted on Mar-13-2013)
84 • Four in Hand IPA.
Lightly hazy amber color. Aromas and flavors of fruit custard pastry, raisin bread, and agave syrup with a supple, fruity medium body and a touch of jicama, caramel, and grassy on the finish. A simple quaffer that could use a bit more hops for the category. (tasted on Mar-13-2013)
84 • Lancaster Brewing Company Hop Hog IPA.
Bright copper penny color. Aromas aromas of hominy, floral soap, honeydew, and pepper corn bread with a supple, dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and a ripe kiwi, nectarine, turnip, and mesclun-greens like finish. (tasted on Mar-13-2013)
83 • DC Brau Brewing Company "The Corruption" India Pale Ale.
Dense aromas pine cone, citrus compote, and chocolate yogurt with a supple, dryish medium body and a mellow candied peach, lettuce greens, and wheat grass like finish. (tasted on Mar-05-2013)
82 • Peter B's Brewpub Legend of Laguna IPA.
Golden amber color. Vibrant aromas and flavors of mango, pineapple, and peach gelatos with a dollop of herbs with supple, dryish medium body and touch of crayon, clay, and cannabis on the bitter peppery, charred nut and grass finish. A bit uneven. (tasted on Mar-15-2013)
81 • City Steam Brewery Café Innocence IPA.
Golden amber color. Aromas of corn chowder, toast and paprika with a supple, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a crisp, very astringent nutshell, grass and grilled citrus like hop finish. (tasted on Mar-05-2013)


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