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This online searchable database contains the most recent review of any brand that we have conducted over the course of the last four years. Pricing information is correct at the time of review.

Keyword Search

To use the Keyword Search type a keyword (or keywords) into the box and click Search. A keyword can be a spirits category (gin, vodka etc), a distillery name, a brand name, or pretty much anything that would be printed on a the label of a spirits bottle. To refine your spirits searches and get manageable lists select any of the categories below. You can also narrow your search choosing any of the score categories. A keyword selection can also be combined with any of the options below.

Enter Keyword(s) (fewer keywords yield more results)
Score and Price Options
ScoreEstimated Price (not including shipping or taxes)
96 to 100 (Superlative)
90 to 95 (Exceptional)
85 to 89 (Highly Recommended)
80 to 84 (Recommended)
Not Recommended
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Inexpensive (less than $10)
Moderate ($10-19.99)
Premium ($20-49.99)
Luxury (more than $50)
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Country and Type Options
Country Spirits Types
Specific Spirits Categories All Categories
All Cognac
VS Cognac
VSOP Cognac
XO Cognac
Single District Cognac
Napoleon Cognac
Luxury Cognac
All Armagnac
VSOP Armagnac
XO Armagnac
Napolean Armagnac
Luxury Armagnac
Brandy de Jerez/Spanish Brandy
American Brandy
Flavored Brandy
Fruit Brandy

All Tequila
Blanco Tequila
Gold Tequila
Anejo Tequila
Extra Anejo Tequila
Reposado Tequila
Flavored Tequila
All Mezcal (Mexico)
Anejo Mezcal
Blanco Mezcal
Reposado Mezcal
Blanco Sotol
Reposado Sotol
Anejo Sotol

Premade Drinks & Mixers
Aromatic Bitters
Citrus Bitters
Fruit/Vegetable Bitters
Exotic Bitters
Bloody Mary Mixers
Daiquiri Mixers
Margarita Mixers
Fruit Flavored Mixers
Low-Calorie Mixers
Other Cocktail Mixers
Cocktail Syrups
All Scotch Whisky
Blended Scotch
Blended Malt Scotch
Islay Single Malt
Single Malt
Wheat Whiskey
American Single Malt Whiskey
All American Whiskey
Tennessee Whiskey
Australian Whiskey
Canadian Whiskey
Danish Whisky
Irish Whiskey
Indian Whiskey
Japanese Whiskey
Taiwanese Whisky

All Rum
Flavored Rum
Silver Rum
Gold Rum
Dark Rum
Aged Rum
Overproof Rum
All Cachaca
Unaged Cachaca
Wood Aged Cachaca

Clear Spirits
Eau de Vie
Flavored Eau de Vie
Fruit Eau de Vie
Unflavored Vodka
Flavored Vodka

Other Spirits
Flavored Spirits
Dry Schnapps

All Liqueurs
Anise Liqueur
Chocolate Liqueur
Coffee Liqueur
Cream Liqueur
Brandy Liqueur
Fruit Liqueur
Herb/Spice Liqueur
Nut Flavored Liqueur
Flavored Schnapps Liqueur

Ready to Drink Cocktails (RTDs)
Fruit Flavored RTD
Low-Calorie RTD
Malt-Based RTD
Other RTD
Miscellaneous Options
Best Buys (for the type and score)
Certified Organic
NOTE: If at first you don’t find what you wanted, click the Clear button to make sure you aren’t accidentally searching for something impossible like French Sake.

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