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Please note: We review wine, beer, and spirits. We don’t sell it. Prices may vary significantly due to shipping fees and state taxes, and some items may be hard to find.

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92 • Ron Abuelo Añejo 7 Años Reserva Superior Rum $19.99. Best Buy.
Brilliant amber color. Lush aromas of coconut creme brulee, melted chocolate, roasted nuts, dried tropical citrus and baking spices follow through on a round, supple entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium-full body with tremendous depth and gusto. Finishes with a very long, evolving fade of coconut cream, banana custard, cocoa, tobacco and spice. A fantastic sipping rum, or use for sensational artisan cocktails. (tasted on Dec-09-2009)
90 • Ron Abuelo Añejo Reserva Especial Rum $12.99. Best Buy.
Bright golden amber color. Aromas caramel buttercream, toffee, and dried tropical citrus follow through on a soft, satiny entry to dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body with smoothness and elegant depth. Finishes with a long, leather, cherry, spicy pepper jelly, and cocoa accented fade. Brilliant. 90 (tasted on Dec-09-2009)
90 • The Old Mill Gold Rum $19.99.
Golden color with minute haze. Attractive aromas of coconut buttercream, cherry creme brulee, delicate ginger, and brown spices follow through on a soft, supple entry to a dryish medium body with nice depth, balance and viscosity. Finishes with a long, smooth, sweetened butter, polished wood, and nut fade. A very nice, smooth sipping gold rum. (tasted on Dec-09-2009)
88 • Iceberg Silver Rum $12. Best Buy.
Aromas of vanilla and berry taffy and banana custard follow through on a round, oily entry to a dryish medium-to-full body with tasty toasted coconut and overripe tropical fruit notes. Finishes with a long, peppery spice and wet stone accented fade. A nice mixing rum, especially for pina coladas. (tasted on Dec-09-2009)
88 • Lamb's Black Sheep Spiced Rum $14.99. Best Buy.
Golden amber color. Nicely integrated spice aromas most notably cinnamon and nutmeg powder. A soft, supple entry leads to a slightly off-dry glycerous light-to-medium body with good mellow intensity and a cane stalk and baby powder accented, tongue tingling hot pepper finish. Nice warming quality with delicate spice; should mix well. (tasted on Nov-01-2009)
86 • Ron Milenario Blanco Rum $8/Liter. Best Buy.
Clear. Aromas of anisette cookie, banana cake, and whipped cream follow through on a round, oily entry to a dryish medium body with warm custard and mineral notes. Finishes with a prickly hot white pepper and black licorice fade. Interesting character, but a bit hot on the finish. (tasted on Dec-09-2009)
85 • Iceberg Amber Rum $12.
Pale golden yellow color. Soft aromas of coconut macaroon, buttercream, and pepper have a faint vaporous edge and follow through on a soft entry to a dry-yet-fruity light-to-medium body with a gentle praline, fresh cream, and mossy mineral finish. A pleasant lighter styled golden sipping or mixing rum. 85 (tasted on Dec-09-2009)
85 • Lamb's White Rum $12.99.
Clear. Aromas of meringue, coffee sorbet, and peppery spice have a vaporous edge and follow through on a round, soft entry to a dryish light-to-medium body with mashed banana and coconut meat notes. Finishes with a crisp, grassy and wet stone accented fade. A sturdy mixing rum. 85 (tasted on Dec-09-2009)
85 • Lamb's Navy Rum $12.99.
Deep mahogany amber color. Aromas of oiled leather, dried pear, and chocolate covered nuts follow through on a round, supple entry to a dry medium-to-full body with nice balance and smoothness. Finishes with mocha, black strap molasses and delicate spice fade. 85 (tasted on Dec-09-2009)
84 • Lamb's Palm Breeze Rum $12.99.
Bright golden color. Aromas of nutshells, chocolate covered coffee bean, burnt sugar, and peppercorns follow through on a brisk, round entry to dry light-to-medium body with notes of leather and Naughahyde. Finishes with a warming, pepper, milk, and mossy gravel fade. (tasted on Dec-09-2009)
83 • Rondiaz Lemon Rum $7.99.
Clear. Bright lemon curd and candy aromas follow through on a brisk entry to a sweet light body with stony mineral and pepper notes on the finish. (tasted on Nov-01-2009)


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