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96 • Radeberger Original Bitter Kräuterlikör $19.99/700ml.
Deep russet mahogany color. Vibrant and deep aromas of cinnamon and herbal bark and roots, dried fruits and raisin compote, and caramelized nuts follow through on a smooth, satiny entry to a rich, moderately sweet full body with incredible vitality and dimension. Finishes with a very long, pure cinnamon bark and herb fade. An outstanding digestif. (tasted on Sep-23-2009)
94 • Bloody Oath! Liqueur $35.
Deep crimson ruby color. Rich aromas of white chocolate covered berries and cherries, anise, tree bark, and turmeric have a yellow curry-like edge and follow through on a very soft and velvety entry to a moderately sweet medium-to-full body with depth and prominent black and red licorice notes. Finishes with a burst of cinnamon, clove, and manuka honey ice cream flavors on the lingering finish. A very unique, tasty and balanced amalgamation of herb and spice flavors. (tasted on Sep-23-2009)
94 • Hum Hibiscus Liqueur $34.99.
Brilliant deep ruby color. Vibrant aromas of cardamom and hibiscus follow through on a round, satiny entry to a vibrant, fruity-yet-dry full body with peppery ginger and pomegranate notes. Finishes with a very long, spicy melange of hibiscus, cardamom and honey. A brilliant flavor creation that could become a mixologist's staple. (tasted on Sep-15-2009)
94 • Mythe Absinthe Traditional $59.99.
Brilliant deep olive green color. Powerful aromas of fennel, mint leaf, peppery spice and custard follow through with great intensity to a dryish full body with prominent herbal bark, wormwood, hay, and dusty anise seed notes. Finishes with a long, drying wormwood, and fennel stalk fade with wheat flour like tannins. Louches to a translucent green haze with all of the anise and herbal flavors and a fine, and more liqueur like balance and great length. An excellent traditional European style, digestif absinthe. (tasted on Sep-23-2009)
93 • J. Witty Organic Chamomile Liqueur $24.95/375 ml.
Hazy deep amber color. Vibrant dimensional aromas of chamomile tea and delicate honeycomb follow through on a rich, velvety entry to a dryish and unctuous full body with in your face intensity and purity. Finishes with a long, ginseng gum and slightly astringent flower petal accented fade. Remarkable; a cocktailian's delight. (tasted on Sep-15-2009)
93 • Chartreuse Green Liqueur $45.
Pale emerald color with a gray gunmetal cast. Vibrant aromas of spices, herbs, and soufflé follow through on a lively entry to a sweet full body with intensely warming peppercorn and oil notes. Finishes with a long, lingering subtle spice, herb, Coleman fuel-like mineral, and pepper fade. Very warming and comforting. (tasted on Sep-23-2009)
91 • Chartreuse Yellow Liqueur $45.
Brilliant yellow green topaz color. A complex and subtle melange of delicate Alpine flowers and herbs, spice, and creamy meringue aromas follow through on a silky entry to a moderately sweet medium-to-full body with delicate notes of anise and mint tea. Finishes with a long, lingering sweet herb and sugar fade. (tasted on Sep-23-2009)
90 • Vana Tallinn Liqueur $27.99/Liter.
Rich copper color. Spicy aromas of chocolate covered orange peel, earthy anise, and roasted nuts follow through on a smooth and vibrant entry to a sweet fruity medium-to-full body with layered of dried fruits, raisin, and dusty brown spices. Finishes with a warming, citrus marmalade and mineral fade. A rich, flavorful citrus and spice liqueur for after dinner drinks or cocktails. (tasted on Aug-01-2009)
89 • Tamborine Mountain Distillery Licorichoc Liqueur $30/375 ml.
Unusual indigo color with a sapphire gray cast. Aromas of star anise, crushed violet leaf, and cocoa powder follow through on a silky, supple entry to a moderately sweet medium body with a nice gentle interplay of licorice gum and chocolate bar notes. Finishes with a gentle, mineral accented fade. A very different, pure, and cleanly crafted liqueur. (tasted on Aug-01-2009)
89 • Koval Organic Chrysanthemum Honey Liqueur$23.50/375 ml.  Certified Organic 
Lightly hazy golden straw color. Delicate mead-like aromas of honeycomb and wildflowers follow through on a soft, silky entry to a fruity-yet-dry light-to-medium body with great purity and a hint of ginger peel. Finishes with a lightly peppery flower petal note. Fascinating; try in fizz cocktails. (tasted on Sep-15-2009)
89 • Koval Organic Ginger Liqueur$23.50/375 ml.  Certified Organic 
Translucent straw green pearl color. Dimensional aromas of shaved ginger and lemon tea follow through on a soft, supple entry to a fruity sweet medium body with pure ginger and honey flavors and a refined, warming, subtly pepper ginger fade. Very nice. (tasted on Sep-23-2009)
89 • Sirene Absinthe Verte $59.95.
Brilliant olive green topaz color. Very interesting aromas of leafy herbs and mint, fennel, sarsaparilla, wormwood tea, and dried mango follow through on a vibrant, direct entry to a off-dry and slightly fruity medium-full body with black licorice and anise cookie powder notes on the clean, mineral accented fade. Louches well with fruit and raisin notes emerging with a lighter tea-like note. (tasted on Sep-23-2009)
88 • Vieux Carré Absinthe Superieure $59.
Deep olive green color with with an unusual suspension of minute charcoal gray particles. Aromas of crushed anise seed, chamomile tea, eucalyptus honey, and sweet pickle relish follow through on a bold, slightly chalky entry to a off-dry full body with good intensity and balance. Finishes with a long, anise, herb, and wet chalk fade. Louches to a translucent hazy green dust storm in a glass where more woodsy, wormwood notes rise and the texture smoothes out with dusty black licorice notes. Very pleasant as a cocktail. (tasted on Sep-23-2009)
88 • Koval Organic Rose Hip Liqueur$23.50/375 ml.  Certified Organic 
Slightly hazy amber orange color. Interesting aromas of baked apple, raisin, and gingerbread crust have a delicate white nut note and follow through on a soft, supple entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium body with vibrant mincemeat flavors and a tangy rosehip and eucalyptus honey accented fade. An intriguing pie-like confectionary treat for artisan cocktails. (tasted on Sep-23-2009)
87 • Tuaca Liqueur Italiano $24.99.
Amber color. Aromas of caramelized nuts, vanilla, and rum barrel follow through on a silky entry to a sweet light-to-medium body with cola nut, chocolate, and cherry notes. Finishes with a supple and warming dried citrus fruit, brandy, and wet stone fade. A nice liqueur for mixing. (tasted on Aug-01-2009)
86 • Bak's Old Krupnik Honey Liqueur $14.59. Best Buy.
Pure golden yellow color. Aromas of spicy golden raisin cake, honeyed citrus peels, lightly medicinal herbs and pepper heat follow through on a silky entry to a sweet light to medium body with a fiery hot stoney finish. Somewhat reminiscent of Cointreau, try as a substitute in margaritas. (tasted on Aug-01-2009)


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