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86 • KU:L Spiced Rum $11.99/Liter. Best Buy.
Pale amber color. Dense fruity aromas of coconut pineapple custard, buttery praline, and delicate spice. follows through a a soft, brisk entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium body with butterscotch and cola notes. Finishes with a round, peppery cotton candy fade. Candied but appealing. (tasted on May-13-2009)
86 • Tortuga Coconut Rum $15.99.
Clear. Coconut cream aromas follow through on a round entry to a moderately fruity medium body with toasty coconut and peppery spice notes. Finishes with a racy, tingling fade. A solid coconut rum for mixing. (tasted on May-13-2009)
86 • Largo Bay Spiced Rum $9.99. Best Buy.
Pale amber color. Aromas of warm apricot custard tart and delicate spicy egg nog follow through on a brisk, soft entry to a dryish light-to-medium body with buttermilk, buckwheat honey, nutmeg, and pepper notes on the steely mineral finish. (tasted on May-13-2009)
85 • Tortuga Spiced Rum $15.99.
Golden amber color. Delicate creamy spice and praline aromas follow through on a silky entry to a dryish medium body with a touch of ginger and sassafras. Finishes with a peppery, wet stone accented fade. A vibrant pepperiness and understated spiciness. (tasted on May-13-2009)
84 • Lamb's Spiced Rum $19.95.
Pale golden color. Warm cinnamon roll and cherry cola aromas follow through on a supple, satiny entry to a moderately sweet medium body with brown sugar and butter notes and a lively cinnamon stick fade. A forceful cinnamon flavored rum. (tasted on May-13-2009)
83 • Largo Bay Coconut Rum $9.99.
Clear. Bright aromas of coconut candy and coconut oil follow through on a round, slightly syrupy entry to a sweet medium body with a touch of white pepper, bubblegum, and minerals on the zippy finish. A decent mixer. (tasted on May-13-2009)
81 • Don Q PasiĆ³n Rum$12.10.
Clear with a pale silvery straw cast. Mild aromas of tropical fruit punch follow through on a soft entry to fruity sweet medium body with tropical sherbet and passion fruit jam notes. Finishes with a fruity, tangy fade. (tasted on May-14-2009)
81 • Tortuga Banana Rum $15.99.
Gold color. Aromas of banana taffy and circus peanuts follow through on syrupy entry to a moderately sweet medium body with candied flavors and a quick finish. Ok but way too sweet and liqueur-like. (tasted on May-14-2009)


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