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93 • Sub Rosa Saffron Vodka $29.95.
Light yellow green color. Aromas and flavors of anise, saffron, coriander, cumin, and floral cologne with a supple, zesty fruity-yet-dry medium-to-full body with dried grapefruit peel, honey, pink peppercorn, and lavender talc notes on the long, spicy finish. Very exotic and flavorful, will make stimulating cocktails. (tasted on Oct-21-2010)
92 • Stolichnaya Stoli Gala Applik Vodka $23.99.
Clear. Lifelike aromas of fresh cut Gala apple and cream with a satiny soft dryish medium-to-full body and a long, smooth mineral and honey accented finish. Remarkable pure and delicate apple flavor that will excel in appletinis. (tasted on Sep-01-2010)
92 • Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka $15.99. Best Buy.
Clear. Vibrant aromas of coconut cream pie a la mode with a supple, sweet medium-full body and a long, resonant, lightly peppery coconut-vanilla gelato finish. Very candied, but delicious and dangerously drinkable. Try as a substitute for cream in cocktails. (tasted on Oct-13-2010)
92 • Bakon Bacon Flavored Vodka $30.
Clear. Convincing aromas of fatty smoked maple bacon bits with a supple dryish medium body and a caramelized bacon, fig, and limestone finish. Mmm bacon. A must try for Bloody Marys. (tasted on Sep-01-2010)
92 • FireFly Mint Tea Vodka $19.99. Best Buy.
Bright copper color. Vibrant brewed tea leaf and mint leaf aromas and flavors with a supple, satiny mildly sweet medium-to-full body and a rich lingering, chalk accented finish. Delicious, layered and pure. (tasted on Sep-01-2010)
91 • Voli Pear Vanilla Fusion Vodka $21.99.
Clear with a nickel cast. Powerful aromas of fresh cut ripe Bartlett pear, lavender talc, fruit stripe gum, and vanilla candle with a soft, creamy mildly sweet medium-full body and a long Creme Anglaise, pink peppercorn, and spicy pear tart finish. A delicious, inventive and invigorating flavored vodka that will make superb cocktails. (tasted on Oct-13-2010)
91 • Stolichnaya Stoli White Pomegranik $23.99.
Clear. Interesting aromas and flavors of dusty pomegranate, rhubarb custard, and ginseng gum with a silky, fruity-yet-dry medium body with a long, complex finish. A fascinating and unique flavored vodka for creative artisan cocktails. (tasted on Sep-01-2010)
91 • FireFly Lemon Tea Vodka $19.99.
Bright lemon custard and tea aromas with a supple, glycerous moderately sweet medium-to-full and a long lemon drop finish. (tasted on Sep-01-2010)
91 • FireFly Peach Tea Vodka $19.99.
Bright copper penny color. Lush fresh peach and tea aromas and flavors with a satiny, moderately sweet medium-to-full body and a long perfumed peach sorbet and honeyed tea finish. A tasty flavored tea flavored vodka. (tasted on Sep-01-2010)
90 • Sub Rosa Tarragon Vodka $29.95.
Faint straw green color. Bright tarragon, fennel, and dusty oregano aromas and flavors with a supple, off-dry medium body and a pink peppercorn, honey, and talc finish. A lively and clever flavored vodka for adventuresome cocktails. (tasted on Oct-21-2010)
90 • FireFly Raspberry Tea Vodka $19.99.
Reddish copper color. Aromas and flavors of raspberry sorbet and tea leaf aromas with a silky mildly sweet medium-to-full body and a leather, wet stone, and spicy raspberry sauce accented finish. (tasted on Sep-01-2010)
90 • FireFly Sweet Tea Vodka $19.99.
Reddish copper color. Pure tea leaf aromas with a supple, glycerous mildly sweet medium-to-full body and a long, clean, tannic tea and chalk accented finish. Excellent purity and smoothness. (tasted on Sep-01-2010)
90 • McCormick’s Chocolate Flavored Vodka $9.99. Best Buy.
Clear. Aromas of hot cocoa powder and chocolate covered almond with a silky, moderately sweet medium body and a long chocolate walnut cookie finish. Very tasty. (tasted on Sep-01-2010)
89 • Tamborine Mountain Distillery Forest Peppermint Vodka $35/500 ml.
Clear. Aromas of pine cone, mint cream, and pink peppercorns with a supple, dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and a spicy after dinner fondant mint and fresh lacquered pine finish. Wild and wooly mint flavor that will pop in crafty cocktails. (tasted on Oct-21-2010)
89 • James River Plantation Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka $20/L.
Copper color. Brewed tea and suede aromas with a soft, glycerous moderately sweet medium-to-full body and long tea,pepper, and syrup finish. Nice purity and complexity. (tasted on Sep-01-2010)
89 • McCormick’s Citrus Flavored Vodka $9.99. Best Buy.
Clear. Creamy lemon curd and chiffon aromas with a supple, fruity sweet medium body and lemon cake, cream, and mineral accented finish. Very nice lemon flavor for mixing cocktails. (tasted on Oct-21-2010)
87 • Olifant Orange Vodka $14.99. Best Buy.
Clear. Delicate aromas of orange marmalade and anise custard with a supple, round moderately sweet light-to-medium body and a gentle chalk and sweet cream accented finish. (tasted on Oct-13-2010)
87 • Vikingfjord Eple Vodka $14.99. Best Buy.
Clean, very mild green apple and cream aromas with a silky, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a crisp, wet stone, pepper and apple water accented finish. (tasted on Sep-01-2010)
87 • Me Oko Vodka with Natural Ginger Flavor $22.99.
Clear. Aromas of ginger creme brulee and baklava with a soft, supple moderately sweet medium body and a rice candy and dusty rye flour accented finish. A pleasant mild ginger flavored vodka that eschews gingery heat for delicate sweetness. (tasted on Oct-21-2010)
86 • Chambord Chambord Flavored Vodka $24.99.
Pale silvery lavender color. Bright aromas of raspberry and strawberry flavored marshmallows and chocolate frosting with a slick, glycerous moderately sweet medium-to-full body and a peppery, warming violet water accented finish. (tasted on Oct-13-2010)

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