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Please note: We review wine, beer, and spirits. We don’t sell it. Prices may vary significantly due to shipping fees and state taxes, and some items may be hard to find.

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91 • VnC Cocktails Vodka Mojito $14.95/Liter.
Cloudy pearl nickel color. Lime peel and mint leaf aromas follow through on a rounded entry to a fruity-yet-dry medium body with nice tangy citrus notes and a drying lime pith and mint gum accented fade. A pure, cleanly made rtd cocktail that is better than you would get at most bars. (tasted on Dec-23-2009)
90 • VnC Cocktails Strawberry Daiquiri $14.95/Liter.
Cloudy pale ruby color with a touch of fruit particles. Bold fresh made strawberry jam aromas and flavors with great depth and purity. Nice tangy berry and citrus finish. Delicious and intense. (tasted on Dec-23-2009)
90 • VnC Cocktails Pacific Mai Tai $14.95/Liter.
Hazy straw yellow color. Nice coconut cream, pineapple and mild guava aromas follow through on a satiny entry to a fruity medium-full body with very good depth, purity, intensity and tangy balance. Finishes with a long, punch-like melange of tropical fruit flavors with shy rum flavors. A very nice and dangerously drinkable piƱa colada-like mai tai. (tasted on Dec-23-2009)
89 • Clarke's Court Grenadian Planter's Punch $21.75.
Beautiful rich amber orange copper color. Aromas of mashed banana and caramel follow through on a round, supple entry to a fruity-yet-dry medium-full body with rich baked spice and vanilla notes. Finishes with a long charred banana creme brulee and spice fade. Very rich and tasty. (tasted on Dec-17-2009)
89 • 1800 Ultimate Pomegranate Margarita $21.99/1.75 L.
Murky burnt sienna brown color. Aromas of fresh and roasted green peppers, suede, and cracked black pepper are intriguing and follow through on a supple entry to a very fruity sweet medium-full body with rich black raspberry and pomegranate sorbet flavors in support. Finishes with a a long, juicy tangy roasted agave and berry fade. Different and very tasty. (tasted on Dec-17-2009)
88 • 1800 Ultimate Margarita $21.99/1.75 L.
Milky yellow green color. Interesting aromas of lime honey and raisin bran muffin follow through on a round entry to tangy, fruity-yet-dry medium-to-full body with excellent depth and a tangy citrus, candied yam, and date, agave accented fade. Nice honeyed, fruity agave character shines through well. (tasted on Dec-17-2009)
85 • Margaritaville Passion Fruit Margarita $12.99.
Pale cloudy rose quartz color. Aromas of passionfruit punch and cotton candy follow through on a round entry to a fruity sweet medium body with a touch of grapefruit and lime sorbets and a breezy, tangy, mouthwatering finish. A pleasant punch flavored margarita. (tasted on Dec-17-2009)
83 • Tribeca Light Mojito $11.99.
Translucent silver straw green color. Convincing aromas of crushed mint leaf and cane syrup follow through on a brisk entry to a fruity-yet-dry light body artificial sweetener and limeade powder notes. Finishes with a quick chalky, citrus aspirin like finish. The nose is the best part. (tasted on Dec-17-2009)
82 • Drego Azul Margarita $7.99/1.75 L.
Pearly white straw color. Sweaty baked lime and waxy green pepper aromas follow through on a brisk round entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium body with good depth and a tart, tangy lime soda like fade. A decent margarita rtd. (tasted on Dec-17-2009)
82 • Margaritaville Last Mango Margarita $12.99.
Hazy, milky red pink color. Aromas of buttermilk, melon, prickly pear, and random mild tropical citrus flavors follow through on a round, brisk entry to fruity light-to-medium body with a hint of mango sherbet. Finishes with a quick, pithy citrus powder and rind fade. Unfocused and a little off-putting on the nose. (tasted on Dec-17-2009)
81 • Margaritaville Cranberry Margarita $12.99.
Bright clear scarlet color. Odd, muted aromas of boiling berry water and cranberry Jell-O follow through on a brisk entry to a sweet tart light body with shy depth and a tart cranberry sauce and orange rind accented fade. (tasted on Dec-17-2009)
81 • Margaritaville Classic Lime Margarita $12.99.
Mild Key lime custard and meringue pie aromas have a touch of liquid smoke and follow through on a breezy entry to a sweetish light body with jumbled citrus and stale corn syrup flavors. Finishes with a touch of black strap molasses and ash on the quick powdery fade. (tasted on Dec-17-2009)
81 • Margaritaville Lemonade Margarita $12.99.
Pale cloudy straw green color. Aromas of cantaloupe, lemon water, and saddle soap follow through on a brisk entry to a mild sweet tart light body with chalky powdery tannins and a quick dilute fade. (tasted on Dec-17-2009)
80 • Tribeca Light Margarita $11.99.
Cloudy straw white color. Mild powdered lime and saline aromas are reminiscent of lemon lime Gatorade and follow through on a soft, brisk entry to a dry-yet-fruity light-to-medium body with artificial sweetener and tart lime peel and powder notes. Finishes with quick, dusty fade. Tastes like an diet sports drink, no tequila character. (tasted on Dec-17-2009)
80 • Margaritaville Rum Classic Mojito $12.99.
Odd hazy platinum blue straw color. Aromas of warm simple syrup, grilled lime, and mint cookie follow through to a sweet tart light-to-medium body with shy depth and tart, astringent lime and mint candy fade. (tasted on Dec-17-2009)


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