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Please note: We review wine, beer, and spirits. We don’t sell it. Prices may vary significantly due to shipping fees and state taxes, and some items may be hard to find.

Below are 1 through 15 of the 15 found. |Find-a-Spirit|

96 • Herencia Mexicana Añejo Tequila $79.99.
Pure golden color. Creamy vanilla, suede, nuts, pineapple cake, and delicate spice aromas. Silky smooth with a dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body. Long, subtly complex finish of leather, praline, dried tropical fruits and exotic spice. Wonderful sipping añejo. (tasted on Aug-31-2010)
95 • Chinaco Añejo Tequila $63.99.
Pale amber color. Lush aromas of toffeed nuts, olive, cedar cigar box, and spicy pineapple cake. Rich and supple with a dry-yet-fruity full body. Finishes lavishly with bourbon barrel notes of vanilla cream, tobacco, cocoa, and drying baking spices. A fantastic sipper. (tasted on Aug-24-2010)
94 • Magave Tequila Añejo $42.
Pale amber color. Rich coconut and banana cream pie, cherry bonbon, and baking spice aromas. Soft and supple with a dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body. Lingering butterscotch, sandalwood, and fig gelato notes on the drying finish. A delicious dessert style añejo that has confection, but is not too sweet. (tasted on Aug-18-2010)
93 • Tequila 1519 Añejo Tequila $37.
Pale golden color. Chocolate, honey toasted rye date bread, and dried cherry aromas. Very smooth and satiny with a dryish, glycerous, medium-full body. Leather, olive, fig, and toasty spice oak notes ring out on the long, dusty mineral finish. Very sophisticated and stylish. (tasted on Aug-18-2010)
93 • El Gran Jubileo 5 Year Añejo Tequila $64.99.
Golden amber color. Bright aromas of plantain-raisin nut bread, anise cookie, honeycomb, leather and clay. Rich and plush with dry-yet-fruity full body. Dried cherry, cola nut, sandalwood and peppercorns glide on the flavorful, peppery finish. (tasted on Aug-24-2010)
93 • Cavalino Teqila Añejo $38.99.
Pale with a faint copper cast. Rich herb, spice, marinated pepper, and toffee aromas. Round and supple with lush dry-yet-fruity full body. Long resonant finish with waves of peppery and exotic spices, dried fruits and citrus, and grassy earth notes. A fantastic añejo brimming with zesty agave character and fine tuned, spicy oak. (tasted on Aug-31-2010)
93 • Cazadores Tequila Añejo $39.99.
Waxy honeycomb, roasted green vegetables, and creme brulee aromas and flavors. Round and vibrant with a fruity medium-full body. Long, spice, herb, sweet coconut cream, and peppercorn fade. Delicious and refreshing, will be great on its own or in flavorful cocktails. (tasted on Aug-11-2010)
92 • El Reformador Anejo Tequila $39.99.
Pure golden color. A nice interplay of creme brulee, mixed peppercorn, stalky herbs,and dried tropical fruit aromas. Soft and silky with a dryish medium-to-full body. Notes of caramelized nuts, grilled peppers, and creamy cinnamon rice pudding resonate on the long warming finish. A charming, comforting añejo with sophisticated dryness; try with cigars. (tasted on Aug-11-2010)
92 • Mejor Tequila Añejo $49.99.
Golden amber color. Caramel buttercream, coconut cream, and toasted nut aromas. Soft and silky with a dryish medium. Nougat, dates, kiwi, Naugahyde, and powdered sugar note on the graceful peppery finish. Very stylish, elegant and complex. (tasted on Aug-18-2010)
92 • Cabo Wabo Añejo Tequila $49.99.
Bright golden yellow color. Aromas of coconut-banana cream pie, olive, toffee, and cherry cola. Soft and silky with a dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body. Lively and flavor on the long rich creamy vanilla, sandalwood and spice accented finish. (tasted on Aug-24-2010)
91 • Mañana Añejo Tequila $49.
Pale golden yellow color. Aromas of olive tapenade, caramel cream, cheese rind, figs, and sweet spices. Round and supple with a dry-yet-fruity medium-full body. Vanilla fudge, ginger and exotic peppercorn flourish on the long warming finish. Rich and flavorful with fine balance. (tasted on Aug-18-2010)
90 • Fat Ass Tequila Añejo $39.
Pale golden color. Tropical flowers, passionfruit gelato, and honey aromas. soft and silky with a dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body. Long, resonant dried tropical fruit, caramelized nut, cedar, pepper, and spice finish. Excellent complexity and depth. (tasted on Aug-18-2010)
88 • El Rey Anejo Tequila $27.99.
Golden amber color. Mellow aromas of buttery praline, banana nut bread, and peppery spices. Round and supple with a dryish medium-to-full body. Nicely meshed dried fruit, custard, vanilla cookie, and peppery spice round out the finish. (tasted on Aug-24-2010)
88 • Los Trejos Tequila Anejo $34.99.
Pale golden yellow color. Aromas of caramelized roasted nuts, mushroom, caraway and tobacco. Soft and silky with a dry-yet-fruity medium body. Incense, sandalwood and citrus lotion notes on the zesty, parchment accented finish. (tasted on Aug-30-2010)
87 • Toro Azul Añejo Tequila $19.99.
Deep golden color. Aromas of tropical creme brulee, lush baking spices and date cake. Soft and silky with a fruity-yet-dry medium-to-full body. Lively on the finish with a nice combination of vanilla, citrusy agave, cedar, and peppercorns. (tasted on Aug-31-2010)


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