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Please note: We review wine, beer, and spirits. We don’t sell it. Prices may vary significantly due to shipping fees and state taxes, and some items may be hard to find.

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95 • Herencia Mexicana Blanco Tequila $45.
Aromas of dried pineapple, red pepper quiche, strawberry, and fresh herbs. Round and satiny with a smooth fruity-yet-dry medium-full body. Superbly complex and dynamic on the finish with notes of tropical citrus, dried flowers, leather, honey, and peppery spice. Sensational. (tasted on Aug-31-2010)
94 • Espolon Tequila Blanco $24.99.
Clear. Aromas of waxy honeycomb, dried tropical fruits, delicate pickling spices, and creamy meringue. Super smooth and silky with a dryish medium-to-full body. Graceful tropical flower blossom, dates, minerals, and subtle roasted pepper notes illuminate the finish. Incredibly clean, pure and elegant. (tasted on Aug-24-2010)
92 • Los Trejos Tequila Silver $29.99.
Aromas of roasted yellow pepper, cashew brittle, and dusty peppery spices. Soft and supple with a dry-yet-fruity medium body. Delicately floral guava passionfruit and orange blossom notes emerge on graceful pepper and stone accented finish. Smooth and elegant. (tasted on Aug-30-2010)
92 • Mejor Tequila Blanco $39.99.
Clear with a faint straw nickel cast. Toasted coconut, creme Anglaise and strawberries, and sautéed peppers and root vegetable aromas. Smooth and satiny with a dryish, glycerous medium-full body. Finishes with a long, spicy mineral accented fade. Nice vibrancy and style. (tasted on Aug-18-2010)
91 • El Gran Jubileo Blanco Tequila $31.99.
Clear. Aromas of roasted pepper and root vegetables and pineapple-raisin-date bread. Soft and silky with a smooth dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body. Lovely tropical fruit and flower, suede, and cinnamon bark notes round out the finish beautifully. A delightful and polished sipping blanco. (tasted on Aug-24-2010)
91 • Cazadores Tequila Blanco $26.99.
Aromas of coconut milk, peppercorns, praline, wax, and fig paste. Soft and dry on a medium body. Finishes with smooth, zesty citrus rind, warming pepper, and powdered sugar accented fade. A solid, smooth sipper. (tasted on Aug-11-2010)
90 • Mañana Blanco Tequila $39.
Clear. Aromas of vanilla salt water taffy, sweet pickling spice, and funky cheese. Silky and plush with a dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body. Long, creamy, fruity, minerally and peppery finish, all in fine balance. Will be great on the rocks with a lime or in cocktails. (tasted on Aug-18-2010)
89 • El Rey Blanco Tequila $17.99.
Clear with a very faint nickel straw cast. roasted root vegetable, dried pineapple, date and powdered honey aromas. Round and soft with a dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body. Finishes with creamy and toasty meringue, roasted pepper, wet stones, and bold peppery spices. A sturdy, sleek, and satisfying blanco. (tasted on Aug-24-2010)
89 • Chinaco Blanco Tequila $47.99.
Clear with a silver cast. Aromas of stewed tropical fruits, crushed vitamin, cedar, dried lemon, and cheese rind. Round and supple with a dry-yet-fruity medium body. Floral talc, yellow pepper and drying citrus notes emerge on the warming, peppery finish. A nice combination of elegance and rusticity. (tasted on Aug-24-2010)
89 • El Reformador Blanco Tequila $34.99.
Clear. Aromas of spicy tropical fruit custard, fresh herbs, and grilled hot peppers. Mild, lightly fruity and silky on the palate with very good intensity and balance. Finishes with a long, warming white pepper, whipped cream, and mineral inflected dissolve. A clean, tightly woven blanco for sipping or to add sparkle to cocktails. (tasted on Aug-11-2010)
89 • Calle 23 Tequila Blanco $26.95.
Aromas of dried fruits, roasted peppers and root vegetables, and delicate spices. Soft and silky with a dry-yet-fruity light-to-medium body. Cinnamon bark, citrus zest, minerals, straw, and chili peppers twinkle on the long, warming finish. Nice vibrancy. (tasted on Aug-31-2010)
88 • JOSE DIEGO Tequila Silver $12.99. Best Buy.
Aromas of creamy meringue, honey, dried pineapple and salted nuts. Soft with a dryish medium body. Well meshed notes of wet limestone, roasted peppers, and spice dance on the tingling, peppery finish. Solid flavor and style for cocktail. (tasted on Aug-30-2010)
88 • Real de Mexico Tequila Blanco $39.99.
Aromas of pineapple custard, peppery spices, clay, and grilled peppers. Soft and silky with dryish medium-to-full body. Very smooth finish with notes of floral talc, dried tropical fruits, and coconut cream. Flavorful and polished. (tasted on Aug-30-2010)
88 • Magave Tequila Blanco $32.
Clear. Somewhat meaty aromas of caramelized pork belly, meringue, and pickling spice. Silky with a dry medium body. Finishes with ethereal pork, herbs and pepper notes. Interesting and rather culinary. Use for a Bloody Caesar. (tasted on Aug-18-2010)
88 • Cabo Wabo Blanco Tequila $39.99.
Clear with a nickel gray cast. Aromas of sweet pickle relish, frosting, and spicy sauerkraut on pumpernickel raisin bread. Soft and supple with a dryish medium body. Mossy stone, talc, and honey, peppercorn notes waft throughout the warming finish. Tasty and different. (tasted on Aug-24-2010)
87 • Fat Ass Tequila Blanco $32.
Clear. Exotic tropical fruit custard and coconut cream aromas. Silky and buoyant with a dryish medium-to-full body. nougat, dried fruit and chalky dust on the long, warming peppery finish. (tasted on Aug-18-2010)
86 • 3 Caballos Blanco Tequila $20.99/L.
Clear with a nickel cast. Aromas of pineapple yogurt, salt water taffy, nougat, and yellow pepper. Soft and silky with a dry-yet-fruity light-to-medium body. Smooth, cream, nutmeg, sandalwood, talc and tongue tingling pepper notes on the finish. Lots of gusto. (tasted on Aug-30-2010)
84 • Toro Azul Blanco Tequila $14.99.
Aromas of papaya, guava, and cracked pepper. Soft and supple with a dry-yet-fruity medium body. Hot honey and chili pepper finish. Heavy on the gusto and will pop well in margaritas. (tasted on Aug-31-2010)
83 • Tequila 1519 Blanco Tequila $27.
Clear. Meringue, dried pineapple, and nougat aromas. Smooth an soft with a dry medium body. Vegetable stalk, honey, dusty minerals, and tongue warming peppery spice emerge on the lingering, astringent finish. Lean and understated. (tasted on Aug-18-2010)


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