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96 • The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley Beverage Artistry Passion Colada $25/1 Quart.
Tasted as a piña colada cocktail. Creamy yellow white color. Rich lemon chiffon and pineapple cake aromas and flavors with a robust tangy full body and a very long coconut cream and lime sorbet nuanced finish. Absolutely delicious. (tasted on Dec-09-2010)
96 • The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley Beverage Artistry El Corazon $25/1 Quart.
Tasted as a El Corazon cocktail. Deep red gray color. Mild blood orange, pomegranate and prickly pear aromas. Explosively tangy and tart on the palate with robust, fruity sweet and sour full body of berry-pineapple-watermelon punch flavors that linger for minutes. A deliciously mouthwatering, world-class tropical-punch-like cocktail. (tasted on Dec-09-2010)
95 • Nagomi White Peach Cocktail Mix$17.50/600 ml.
Tasted as a shochu highball. Pink pearl nickel color. Lightly floral aromas of peach marmalade, sorbet, and sodas with a rich, fruity sweet medium-to-full body and a long, tangy, honeyed peach and citrus zest finish. A fantastically pure, flavorful, and delicious peach cocktail. (tasted on Nov-02-2010)
92 • Nagomi Yuzu Cocktail Mix$17.50/600 ml.
Tasted as a shochu highball. Opaque pearl straw nickel color. Robust aromas of honeyed kumquat, grapefruit and lemon sorbets with a tart and fruity sweet medium-to-full body and a long, crisp, mouthwatering finish. A sensational aperitif. (tasted on Nov-02-2010)
92 • The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley Beverage Artistry Yuzu Luxe Sour $25/1 Quart.
Tasted as a margarita. Cloudy yellow straw color. Unique aromas and flavors of herbal bark, white peppercorn, lemon verbena, and lavender talc with a creamy, sweet medium-to-full body and long, Alpine herbal lemon drop and honeyed citrus tea finish. Very herbal and distinctive yuzu citrus flavor; use in exotic and crafty Asian cocktails. (tasted on Dec-09-2010)
88 • Regatta Ginger Beer$1.50/12 oz.
Tasted as a dark and stormy cocktail: Hazy pale amber color. Dense dusty ginger root and caramelized nut aromas and flavors with a tangy, honeyed medium body and and long, brine and mineral accented finish. A nice, lightly earthy ginger beer that mixes well. (tasted on Dec-09-2010)
88 • Stirrings Blood Orange Bitters $4.99/12 oz.
Tasted as a Manhattan cocktail. Minutely hazy amber color with a frothy head. Grainy rye, caramel and whole nut aromas with a supple, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a spicy, candied dried orange, hay, and wood accented finish. A touch sweet, so be careful to construct cocktails around this; a very nice accent for Manhattans. (tasted on Dec-09-2010)
86 • Stirrings Tonic Water $4.99/4-pack 6.3 oz.
Tasted as a gin and tonic cocktail: Clear. Aromas of orange gelatin candy and mild juniper. Soft and fruity with a tangy, odd-dry medium body and a good juniper bite. Quinine is in the background at first, then balances the sweetness with appropriate bitterness on the finish. Could use more carbonation. (tasted on Dec-09-2010)
85 • Stirrings Ginger Ale $4.99/4-pack 6.3 oz.
Tasted as a dark and stormy cocktail. Bright pale amber color. Robust creme brulee, brown spice, and ginger aromas and flavors with a zesty, tangy, sweet medium-to-full body and a crisp, chalk accented finish. A solid ginger ale for mixing. (tasted on Dec-09-2010)
85 • Stirrings Pink Grapefruit Soda/4-pack 6.3 oz.
Tasted as a pink grapefruit cocktail: Clear with an elegant faint pink silver color. Bright pink grapefruit aromas. Lightly fizzy on the palate (could use more carbonation) with a fruity sweet light body, grapefruit granita flavors and a brisk finish. Could use more stuffing and effervescence, but the purity of the subtle grapefruit flavor is very good. (tasted on Dec-09-2010)
84 • Cocktails 1-2-3 Cosmopolitan Premium Cocktail Mix $4.99/740 ml.
Tasted as a cosmo cocktail. Deep garnet violet color with a frothy fuschia head. Aromas of cherry butter, pomegranate sorbet, and waxy white chocolate with a tangy, fruity sweet medium-to-full body and a lime sherbet and a sour cherry jam finish. (tasted on Dec-09-2010)
83 • Cocktails Classic Piña Colada Cocktail Mix $2.99/L.
Tasted as a piña colada cocktail. Dried pineapple and coconut candy with an supple fruity light-to-medium body and a coconut oil and pineapple sherbet finish. (tasted on Dec-09-2010)


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