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Please note: We review wine, beer, and spirits. We don’t sell it. Prices may vary significantly due to shipping fees and state taxes, and some items may be hard to find.

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92 • Forty Creek John's Private Cask No. 1 Canadian Whisky $69.99.
Deep amber copper color. Bright caramelized nut, roasted grain, malt-o-meal, and peppery spice aromas have a nice mature bourbon barrel quality with a supple, satiny dry-yet-fruity full body and a long layered, nut pie, cocoa, mossy stone, and spice finish. A contemplative sipper. (tasted on Feb-23-2012)
87 • Canadian Mist Black Diamond Premium Select Canadian Whisky $14.99. Best Buy.
Aromas of chocolate covered raisin nut toast with a supple, fruity-yet-dry medium-to-full body and a smooth toffee and grain driven finish. Tasty. (tasted on Feb-09-2012)
86 • Ethan Koll 8 Year Old Canadian Whisky $14.99. Best Buy.
Deep golden amber color. Aromas of buttery caramel corn with a soft, silky fruity medium body and a clean, smooth caramelized nut, vanilla, cola and delicate pepper spice finish. (tasted on Feb-09-2012)
86 • Gibson's Finest 12 Year Old Canadian Whisky $22.95.
Golden amber color. Aromas of dark caramelized nuts with a hint of lacquer and charcoal. Silky, dry-yet-fruity medium body with a creme brulee, rum nut ball, mossy stone and warming peppery spice finish. (tasted on Feb-23-2012)
86 • Canadian Mist Blended Canadian Whisky $11.99. Best Buy.
Pale amber color. Aromas of vanilla-chocolate nut fudge and polenta with a a silky, dryish light-to-medium body and a golden raisin scone, rye flour, and honeyed grain husk accented finish. Solid. (tasted on Feb-09-2012)
86 • Bison Ridge Special Reserve Canadian Whisky $14.99. Best Buy.
Brilliant amber color. Pleasant toasted grain, maple and nut aromas with a silky, dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and a dried fruit, custard, and nut brittle finish with a nice spicy tingle. Well balanced and a good choice for sipping or cocktails. (tasted on May-15-2012)


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