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94 • Scrappy's Bitters Orange Bitters $20/5 oz.
Very fruity and attractive orange pastry and sorbet aromas with a nice dash of herbs, cinnamon bark, and nutmeg. On the palate, fruity sweetness follows with a mellow, astringent, bitter dandelion greens like finish. In the gin martini cocktail, the orange pastry notes waft on the nose and a delicious candied violet like floral quality emerge from the cocktail. Later a sweet orange gelatin note and finally a honeyed orange zest and delicate minty herb quality. This bitters really transforms the cocktail completely and makes it nearly impossible to put down. Quite a powerful tool for the adroit bartender's arsenal. (tasted on Apr-21-2013)
93 • The Bitter Truth Orange Bitters $16/200 ml.
Orange cake like aromas have a delicate almond and wheatgrass-like back note with a well balanced level of sweet fruitiness and low bitterness on the finish. In the gin martini, the effect is mild with a hint of orange gelatin candy and frosted pastry that compliments the fruity dimension of the gin making this cocktail quite fruit-driven and likely to have appeal with those who normally don't drink gin cocktails, without alienating gin fans. In other words, this is a "secret sauce" to create really crowd-pleasing cocktails that are utterly delicious. (tasted on Apr-21-2013)
91 • The Bitter Truth Lemon Bitters $16/200 ml.
Deeply layered baked lemon and grassy herb aromas with well-balanced lemon oil and nettle-like botanicals. In the gin martini, the savory lemon and green herbal character of the bitter meshes flawlessly with the gin, supports it, and elevates the cocktail to a high level of complexity and refinement. (tasted on Apr-21-2013)
88 • The Bitter Truth Grapefruit Bitters $16/200 ml.
Rich aromas of grapefruit, lemongrass, and apple and cherry grilling woods with an intensely bitter, almost iodine-like herbal quality and a long astringent finish. In the gin martini, the grapefruit pith notes dominate the other citrus and spice qualities of the gin and take the cocktail in a more bitter herbal direction, as expected from the solo nosing and taste profile. Overall, the effect is like a magnifying lens on the more bitter and astringent qualities of the gin with a halo of grapefruit zest lingering retronasally. (tasted on Apr-21-2013)
87 • Fee Brothers Gin Barrel-Aged Orange Bitters $9.95/150 ml.
Intense tangerine oil and nut aromas with a sweet fruity citrus upfront and a bitter bark notes in back. In the martini the tangerine sharpness and nuttiness clashes a bit with gin but the effect is interesting, if a little too bitter for this cocktail. A different style of bitters that is best suited for brown spirits where the nuttiness and astringency would be better integrated. (tasted on Apr-21-2013)


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