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93 • Fee Brothers Black Walnut Bitters $5.35/150 ml.
Bold black walnut toffee aromas have a rich roasted quality and end with savory smoked peppercorn and herbal steak-rub-like notes. On the palate, honeyed sweetness followed by balanced, bitter eucalyptus leaf and grilled fennel like flavor and astringency. On its own, it's remarkably vibrant, dimensional and balanced. In the pisco sour cocktail, the nuttiness meshes with the creamy egg to form a walnut pie like effect and the pungent herbal and fennel notes give the cocktail serious depth and dimension. This is a great choice to add attractive layers to the foundation of a cocktail and ornamentation to the top flavor notes. (tasted on Apr-21-2013)
91 • The Bitter Truth Creole Bitters $16/200 ml.
Electric red pink color. Aromas of pink peppercorn, sarsaparilla, and fig-pepper bread with a bone-dry, nicely astringent cinchona and gentian finish. With soda, some anise and rhubarb notes emerge. In the pisco sour, the effect is exceptional, adding great layers of complexity that follow the bitters' flavor profile of anise and sarsaparilla and creates an even longer finish. A really lovely addition to this cocktail and is sure to work effectively in a broad range of cocktails. (tasted on Apr-21-2013)
91 • Fee Brothers Whiskey Barrel-Aged Bitters $9.95/150 ml.
Pretty bronze pink color is quite unique. Pure cinnamon red hots aroma dominates the nose but a hint of cedar is discernible. On the palate a honey sweet medium body and a nicely bitter barky finish. A nicely defined and tight flavor profile. In soda water, more complex peppery and brown spices emerge. In the pisco sour cocktail, the effect is to heighten the bitterness and savoriness of the citrus, like flaming a lemon peel. The cinnamon gives way to a more nutty, woody, praline-like dimension that add nice depth to the cocktail and takes it in an interesting direction. Quite impactful and instantly gives more serious depth to a cocktail. (tasted on Apr-21-2013)
90 • The Bitter Truth Spiced Chocolate Bitters $16/200 ml.
Intriguing aromas of chocolate, peppery spices, and cinnamon candies with a dryish medium body and a snappy bitter nettle and bark finish. In soda, the dry baker's chocolate notes move forward and the cinchona bitterness pops even more. In the pisco sour cocktail, the effect is almost identical to adding chocolate to the crust of a Key lime pie and the herbal profile makes the pisco taste more gin-like, a very interesting effect. The end result is quite pleasant and not overdone. These bitters are a unique tool, use judiciously. (tasted on Apr-21-2013)
90 • Bad Dog Bar Craft Sarsaparilla "Dry" Bitters $14/4 oz.
Medium brown color. Vanilla extract, root beer float, and raisin cake aromas with a tart, dry and astringent cacao nib, sweet grass, and dandelion notes. In the pisco sour, the bitters round on the creaminess of the egg and make it more meringue-like with a great spicy top note. The root beer float quality comes through more on the finish and aftertaste and plays nicely with the citrus. This bitters is a lot of fun. (tasted on Apr-21-2013)
87 • Scrappy's Bitters Cardamom Bitters $20/5 oz.
Bold cardamom, tree tree oil, and fresh eucalyptus leaf aromas are attractive. Bone-dry on the palate with a fun, warming menthol quality. In the pisco sour cocktail, the effect is a little medicinal and slightly discordant, but very amaro-like. Really transforms the cocktail from citrus driven to pungent lingering herb-driven. Hyper effective and very intense flavor so use carefully and with a well thought out cocktail game plan. (tasted on Apr-21-2013)
85 • The Bitter End Chesapeake Bay Bitters $20/2 oz.
Hot chili pepper aromas and flavors. In the cocktail, the bitters adds a lot of peppery heat and zest that makes this almost like a pepper infused spirit. Quite lively and fun, but use cautiously and try with tequila drinks or Bloody Marys. (tasted on Apr-21-2013)
83 • Mozart Chocolate Bitters $14/50 ml.
Bright chocolate chocolate powder and nougat aromas. On the palate, remarkably bitter and alcoholic with pine sap and burnt hop notes lingering. Very angular and aggressive. In soda water, it cleans up a bit and goes down a more straightforward chocolate road albeit with fresh blacktop underneath. In the pisco sour cocktail, the chocolate whipped cream and bitter vegetative and alcohol notes ratchet up some fuel-like heat and lingering bitter leaf and bark notes detract. A bit of a miss here, but should play a little better in other, perhaps drier, cocktails. (tasted on Apr-21-2013)


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