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97 • Moulin by Jean-Paul Vodka $30.
Clear. Attractive aromas suggest bison grass, whipped cream, pear, anise cookie, and powdered sugar with a satiny, dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and a intricate interplay of peppery and confectionary spice, sweet wheat pastry, and mineral notes. A world-class vodka that is fantastically expressive, elegant, and flavorful. An ideal vodka for sipping neat, on the rocks, or in martinis. (tasted on May-03-2013)
97 • Stolichnaya Elit Vodka $59.99.
Clear. Very neutral aromas and flavors of toasted cranberry and lemon breads and nuts with a silky, dryish medium body and a long and lively sweet citrus, anise, pepper, cream, and wet stone finish. A rich, elegant and super smooth vodka. (tasted on Jul-22-2014)
96 • FAIR Quinoa Vodka $29.99.
Clear. Very neutral aromas and flavors suggest cream, cake, and minerals with a very soft, dryish light-to-medium body and a exquisitely smooth custard, dried fruit, and limestone accented finish. A superbly silky, elegant, and delicious vodka that is fantastic on its own and will be perfect in cocktails. (tasted on Oct-28-2013)
96 • Fashion Vodka Luxury Collection $31.99.
Clear color. Muted aromas of grain, nuts, and citrus pastry with a supple, soft, dryish light-to-medium body and a warming, interesting, medium-long chalk, cream, fig bread, and pepper finish. A great combination of precision and liveliness. (tasted on Jul-22-2015)
96 • Gera Premium Vodka $12.99. Best Buy.
Clear color. Mild aromas of pastry bread, toasted nuts, and delicate pepper with a satiny, dryish medium-to-full body and a very clean and smooth, powdered sugar, sweet cream, warming pepper, and mineral finish. A fantastically flavorful and elegant vodka to enjoy on its own or in cocktails. (tasted on Jul-26-2014)
95 • Forty Degrees Vodka $19.95. Best Buy.
Clear. Very clean aromas with a touch of frosted wheat, cream and nut with a silky, dryish medium body and a super soft, vanilla, dried fruit and chalk accented finish with a hint of pepper. Extremely clean, smooth, and pure. Very impressive. (tasted on Jan-01-2012)
95 • Russian Spirit Vodka $19.99. Best Buy.
Clear. Aromas of cream and cereal with satiny, dryish medium body and crisp, dried citrus, powdered sugar, stone, and pepper accented finish. A lively, silky vodka that will cover a lot of bases and be great in fruit based cocktails. (tasted on Oct-30-2013)
95 • Kremlin Award Grand Premium Vodka $40/700 ml.
Clear. Mild aromas of white cake, dried fruit, and delicate spices with a supple, dryish light-to-medium body and a smooth, lingering stone fruit, powdered sugar, pepper, and wet stone accented finish. A precise, clean, and delicious vodka. (tasted on Jul-22-2014)
95 • Ms. Cameo Vodka $24.95.
Clear. Very neutral aromas suggest milk, praline, and minerals with a silky, dryish medium body and a nougat, melon, and limestone accented, gently warming pepper finish. Very clean with a nice rising arc of subtle flavor and well-integrated heat. Impressive and a great choice for martinis. (tasted on May-30-2014)
95 • Sobieski Estate Vodka $24.99/L.
Clear color. Mild, citrusy, clean boozy hot aromas of vapor and nut with a satiny, crisp, dryish medium body and a peppery, interesting, medium-length citrus wax candy, sweet cream, pepper, and chalk finish. A lively vodka for vodka tonics, or rum cocktails. (tasted on Jul-30-2015)
94 • St. Petersburg Vodka $18.99. Best Buy.
Clear color. Mild aromas and flavors of nougat, dried berries, pepper, and toasted grain with a glycerous, dryish medium body and a warming, compelling, long finish revealing touches of beeswax, limestone, and peppery spices. An elegant vodka that will shine in cocktails. (tasted on Dec-16-2014)
94 • Zelyonaya Marka Vodka $17.99/700 ml. Best Buy.
Clear. Super clean nose with faint hint of cream, nougat, and citrus pastry with a silky, off-dry medium-to-full body and a long, glassy delicate anise, vanilla, and mineral finish. A remarkably pure, smooth and balanced vodka with a nice hint of citrus and spice. (tasted on Nov-01-2011)
94 • U'Luvka Vodka $50.
Clear. Delicate aromas and flavors of cream pastry, toasted nut, and earth with a silky, dryish medium-to-full body and a pistachio nougat, powdered sugar and chalk accented finish. An excellent, smooth and vibrant vodka for all occasions. (tasted on Nov-01-2011)
94 • Effen Vodka $25.
Clear color. Aromas of grainy toast and geranium with a silky, soft, dryish light-to-medium body and an engaging, breezy citrus and nut oils, dried fruit, minerals, and pepper finish. A very smooth and elegant vodka for martinis. (tasted on Aug-04-2015)
94 • Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka $27.99.
Dark brown brown color. Aromas and flavors of chocolate coffee beans, toasted marshmallow, and mocha gelato with a silky, mild sweet medium body and a long, cappuccino, peppery spice, sweet vanilla cream, and wet stone finish. A delicious coffee vodka that will be fantastic in cocktails. (tasted on Jul-26-2014)
94 • Magic Crystal Premium Vodka $23.95.
Clear color. Faint, clean aromas of shredded wheat, date pastry, and table cracker with a satiny, soft, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a tingling, interesting, medium-long citrus meringue, minerals, and pink pepper finish. A pure, delicious, creamy textured vodka that is sure to please. (tasted on Aug-06-2015)
94 • Kozuba & Sons "Starkus" Aged Natural Vodka $35.
Pure golden color. Attractive aromas of frosted raisin scone and fruit cake with a satiny dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and a grainy rye bread crust, vanilla, honey, cocoa, and oak spice nuanced finish with pleasing warmth. Fun and flavorful with a great layer of spicy oak barrel complexity. A vodka for whisky fans. Try on the rocks. (tasted on Oct-30-2012)
94 • Platinka Original Rye Vodka $19.99. Best Buy.
Clear. Aromas suggest lightly toasted citrus pastry, Greek yogurt, and spiced nuts with a buoyant, dryish light-to-medium body and a creme Anglaise, chalk and peppercorn accented finish with lingering warmth. A nice choice for creamy and seasonal fruit-driven cocktails. (tasted on Oct-24-2013)
94 • Nemiroff LEX Ultra Vodka $23/700ml. Best Buy.
Clear. Layered, nuanced aromas of delicate anise, fruit cake, and spice with a satiny, dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and noted of dried berries and citrus, taffy,minerals and peppery spice on the long, mouthwatering finish. Excellent complexity and character; will be great in cocktails. (tasted on Oct-24-2012)
94 • Van Gogh Dutch Caramel Vodka $27.99.
Pale Amber color. Aromas of caramel cake, toasted coconut, and mocha gelato with a Velvety, Fruity Sweet Medium-to-Full body and a Smooth maple custard, and brown spices finish. A delicious caramel vodka with lots of nuance and vibrancy. (tasted on Aug-03-2014)

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