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Older Reviews - The following reviews were conducted 12 to 0.000000 months ago. Some wines may be hard to find or may no longer be available. Below are 1 through 20 of the 23 older reviews found.
88 • Valle Huarpe 2008 Malbec Rosé, Mendoza $12.99.
Pale scarlet silver color. Yummy aromas of strawberry sorbet and cherry crumble follow through on a round, supple entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium body with a touch of licorice, citrus, and spice. Finishes with a lightly floral fade. A pretty and appetizing rose with nice acidity for the table. (tasted on Jul-27-2009)
87 • Wollersheim 2008 Prairie Blush, Wisconsin $9.
Bright, light silvery neon garnet color. Aromas of strawberry soda and cherry butter follow through on a crisp, tangy entry to a dryish light-to-medium body with bouncy citrus and cranberry acidity and a chalk kissed finish. A racy, nicely structured rose for the table, serve with spicy Schezwan duck dishes. (tasted on Aug-17-2009)
87 • Yellow+Blue 2008 Rosé, Alicante $12/Liter.  Organically Grown Grapes 
Deep copper-pink hue. Forceful, ripe red cherry nose. A rich entry leads a rounded, moderately full-bodied palate with good depth of flavor. A weighty, Tavel-styled food Rosé. Solid. (tasted on Aug-15-2009)
86 • Maryhill 2008 Rosé of Sangiovese, Columbia Valley $9.
Deep silvery pink color. Soft aromas of cherry custard and nougat follow through on a round entry to dryish medium body with white strawberry and delicate spice notes. Finishes with a crisp tart, citrus and herb accented fade with tea like tannins. (tasted on Aug-17-2009)
86 • Glenora 2007 Pinot Noir, Finger Lakes $13.99.
Platinum pink color. Shy aromas of rhubarb and watermelon ice follow through on a brisk entry to a dryish light body with white strawberry and earthy straw notes. Finishes with quick dainty fade. A breezy, ephemeral summer sipper. (tasted on Aug-17-2009)
86 • Silver Lake 2007 "Roza Red", Rattlesnake Hills $9.99.
Dull pale red color. Watermelon and pistachio brittle aromas follow through on a fruity medium body with clay and strawberry and cherry notes on the simple fruity fade. (tasted on Aug-31-2009)
85 • Calcu 2009 Rosé, Colchagua Valley $12.
Pink silver color. White strawberry, leather, and green onion aromas are earthy, savory and follow through on a lively entry to a dryish, tart light-to-medium body with rhubarb and marinated pepper notes on the soft finish. (tasted on Aug-31-2009)
85 • Château LaFayette Reneau 2007 Estate, Pinot Noir Blanc, Finger Lakes $9.49.
Pale silvery ruby color. Soft aromas of cherry taffy and nuts follow through on a round, soft entry to a fruity light-to-medium body with cherry and watermelon candy and a breezy fade. A fun, picnic wine. (tasted on Aug-03-2009)
85 • Rotta Winery 2008 Zinfandel, Rosé, California $10.
Silvery pink color. Aromas of pewter, turmeric, and shriveled cherries on the tree follow through on a soft, brisk entry to a dry light body with spinach and cherry pit flavors and a quick finish. (tasted on Aug-17-2009)
85 • Clos du Bois 2007 Rosé, Sonoma County $12.
Pale scarlet pink color. Aromas of strawberries on toasty angel food cake follow through on a soft, silky entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium body with tangy cranberry and melon notes. Finishes with a crisp, drying finish. A nice dry rose for the table. (tasted on Sep-08-2009)
84 • Vinex 2008 Dry, Rosé, Rose Valley $9.
Scarlet blood red color. Baked cherry and pepper aromas follow through on a soft entry to a dryish light-to-medium body with prune, nut, and raspberry notes on the gentle finish. (tasted on Aug-31-2009)
84 • Lost Vineyards NV Vinho De Mesa Rose $3.99.
Bright cherry color. Bold aromas of cherry, cinnamon, clove follow through on a bright entry to a dry-yet-fruity light-to-medium body with shy baked green apple with a brisk,pithy finish. (tasted on Aug-31-2009)
84 • Oak Leaf NV Zinfandel, California $3.
Silvery pink cotton candy color. Aromas of strawberry and watermelon syrup candies follow through on a smooth, brisk entry to a fruity light-to-medium body with orange sherbet and mineral water notes on the breezy fade. (tasted on Sep-14-2009)
84 • Concannon 2008 "Righteously Rosé", Livermore Valley $10.
Deep copper-pink hue. Ripe, grapey aromas have a sweet herb accent. A rounded entry leads a moderately full-bodied palate. A weighty, fruit-forward dry rosé. (tasted on Aug-15-2009)
84 • La Playa 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé, Colchagua Valley $7.
Pale salmon hue. Floral candied red berry nose. A crisp entry leads a fruit-forward, medium-bodied palate. Clean, drying finish. A stylish picnic wine. (tasted on Aug-15-2009)
83 • Corbett Canyon NV White Zinfandel, California $12/3L Cask.
Pale pink hue. Sweet, grapey, raisiny nose. A soft entry leads a rounded, medium-bodied palate with marked sweetness and gentle acidity that balances the finish. A reasonable quaffer and value. (tasted on Aug-15-2009)
83 • Cafe by Gallo NV Zinfandel $5.99.
Deep cherry-red hue with a slight spritz. Fresh, pure red berry nose. A crisp entry leads a light-bodied palate with marked sweetness and ripe strawberry flavors. Zesty finish. Very pure in flavor. A nice picnic style. (tasted on Aug-15-2009)
82 • Vendange 2008 White Zinfandel, California $4.99.
Pale silvery pink color with a faint orange cast. Aromas of rhubarb jam and orange sherbet follow through on a soft, round entry to a fruity light body with watermelon and tangerine rind notes. Finishes with a quick, pithy fade. (tasted on Jul-20-2009)
81 • Big House Wine Co. 2008 "Pink", California $9.99.
Pale ruby garnet color. Warm crusty baked cherry tart, cocoa and faint leathery cedar aromas follow through on a round, supple entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium body with tangy, slightly bitter apple core and white pepper notes on the brisk finish. (tasted on Sep-14-2009)
81 • Bay Bridge Vineyards NV White Zinfandel, California $3.99.
Pale pink hue. Subdued strawberry nose. A soft entry leads a gentle, light-bodied palate with supple acidity. Modest sweetness is balanced by acidity through the finish. Not overly flavorful, but pretty well balanced. (tasted on Aug-15-2009)
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