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Older Reviews - The following reviews were conducted 12 to 0.000000 months ago. Some wines may be hard to find or may no longer be available. Below are 1 through 9 of the 9 older reviews found.
88 • Château LaFayette Reneau 2009 Pinot Noir Blanc, Finger Lakes $9.49. Best Buy.
Pale red color. Strawberry compote aromas with a tangy, odd-dry medium body and a sour cherry and apple sauce finish. A refreshing off-dry sipping rose. (tasted on Aug-15-2010)
87 • Kokopelli NV White Merlot, Arizona$12.50. Best Buy.
Bright pale crimson color. Bold strawberry sorbet and honey aromas with a tangy light-to-medium body and a pure crisp finish. (tasted on Aug-15-2010)
86 • Heritage Station 2009 Dry Rosé, Outer Coastal Plain $16.
Pale pink orange color. Baked cranberry, strawberry, buttermilk, and pine aromas and flavors with tart light-to-medium body and a dry, tar accented finish. (tasted on Aug-15-2010)
85 • Mouton Cadet 2009 Bordeaux Rosé $10.
Cherry, red berry, and honey. Dry light-to-medium body with a tart cherry pit, melon rind, craisin and chalk finish. A rather dry, serious and adult rose for the table. (tasted on Aug-26-2010)
85 • Vendange NV White Zinfandel, California $9/1.5 L.
Silvery pink color. Strawberry coulis, cream, and nut aromas with a spritzy, tangy light body and a crisp orange and apple finish. (tasted on Aug-15-2010)
84 • Rotta Winery 2009 Zinfandel Rosé, California $10.
Pale ruby red color. Charred praline, baked cherry and blackberry aromas with a fruity light-to-medium body and a tart orange finish. (tasted on Aug-15-2010)
83 • Adirondack Winery NV "Blushing Trees", American$13.50.
Muted dried strawberry, cherry cider, and sweet apple sauce aromas and flavors with a fruity light-to-medium body and a grapey finish. (tasted on Aug-15-2010)
82 • Almaden NV Heritage Series, White Zinfandel, California $8/1.5 L.
Strawberry and watermelon candy with a fruity sweet light body and a candied green apple jelly finish. (tasted on Aug-15-2010)
82 • Glenora 2009 Pinot Noir Rosé, Finger Lakes $13.99.
Pale pink orange color. Sour apple yogurt, musty lemon and bruised peach aromas and flavors with a tart light body and brisk finish. (tasted on Aug-15-2010)
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