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93 • Salt of the Earth 2011 Moscato Rubino, California $9.99. Best Buy.
Purple garnet color. Bright raspberry and cherry compote aromas with a silky fruity sweet medium body and a very long, tangy citrus marmalade and spice finish. A delicious, zesty and mouthwatering dessert wine. (tasted on Sep-27-2012)
93 • Quady 2011 "Red Electra", Muscat, California $13.99. Best Buy.
Garnet purple color. Aromas of spice cherry, peach and berry chutney with a tangy fruity sweet medium-to-full body and a sweet apple sauce and praline accented finish. A delicious sweet red for all kinds of desserts and cheeses. (tasted on Sep-27-2012)
88 • Gelisi Antonio NV Moscato Dulce, Oltrepo Pavese DOC $12. Best Buy.
White peach, pineapple, mango, papaya and banana with a hint of lychee. Refreshing acidity balances the fruit-forward style. Fruity, lively and luscious enough for dessert, but balanced enough for cheese and sipping. Very persistent effervescence. (tasted on Sep-27-2012)
87 • King Ferry NV "Mystére", New York State $9.99. Best Buy.
Ruby color. Aromas of tomato jelly, roasted apples and nuts with a fruity light-to-medium body and a tart craisin and earth finish with dusty tannins. A nice off-dry Germanically-styled red that is surprisingly serious and food friendly; pair with bbq. (tasted on Sep-27-2012)
87 • Ca? Momi 2010 Rosso Dolce, California $12.95. Best Buy.
Aromas of chocolate cherry bon bons and graham cracker pie crust with a soft, fruity light-to-medium body and a tangy, craisin, cedar and roasted nut finish with chewy tannins. A nice very fruity red to pair with Italian cheeses. (tasted on Sep-27-2012)
86 • Adirondack Winery NV "Strawsling", American $14.25. Best Buy.
Pale gold. Very convincing aromas of strawberry milk and soda and white grape jelly with a fruity sweet medium body and a tangy finish. A fun sweet wine; try with pound cake. (tasted on Sep-27-2012)
86 • Gelisi Antonio NV Sangue di Guida, Oltrepo Pavese DOC $12. Best Buy.
Red cherry, strawberry juice, currant jelly and violet with a Brachetto-like effervescence and simple, fruity finish. Finishes with crushed boysenberries and pineapples. Simple, but Delightful. (tasted on Sep-27-2012)
86 • G'day NV Red Moscato, Australia $9.99. Best Buy.
Cherry red with raspberry, red cherry and strawberry aromas leading to a red fruit packed palate. Refreshing acidity with the silkiest of tannins and a balanced finish centering on red fruits and red apple acidity. (tasted on Sep-13-2012)
86 • G'day NV Pink Moscato, Australia $9.99. Best Buy.
Golden pineapple, pink grapefruit, white raspberries and apple skins. Refreshing balance with a honeyed sweetness that is silky on the finish. Just enough acidity to keep it interesting. (tasted on Sep-13-2012)
85 • Black Box 2010 Sweet Red Wine, California $24.99/3L Cask.
Aromas of chocolate nuts and cherry pie with graham cracker crust with a silky, fruity medium body and a tangy raisin,pepper and nut finish with crunchy tannins. Refreshingly not too sweet; pair with red sauce pasta dishes and pizza. (tasted on Sep-27-2012)
84 • Voluptuous NV "Sweet Temptation", American $10.
Garnet color. Aromas of waxy honeycomb, berry pie and praline with a fruity sweet medium body and a tangy raspberry jam, red grape skin and nut finish. A pleasant off-dry red. (tasted on Sep-27-2012)
82 • Cooper's Oak NV "Sawmill Sweet", Missouri $20.
Deep brown color. Savory aromas and flavors of soy sauce, shittake, pomegranate rind, cocoa, and balsamic vinegar with a tangy, mildly sweet medium body and a savory umami driven finish. Pretty strange but oddly compelling; pair with tempura. (tasted on Sep-27-2012)
82 • Adirondack Winery NV "Blue Twilight", American $15.75.
Pale ruby color. Aromas of cranberry soda and grape snow cone with an off-dry light body and a brisk finish. (tasted on Sep-27-2012)
81 • Obikwa NV Sweet Red, Western Cape $7.99.
Cherry, tomato and tobacco leaf and wood chips on the nose lead to a soft, off-dry wine with the same flavors on the finish. Drinkable, but far from good unless on the rocks with soda and lemon whilst canning tomatoes. (tasted on Sep-25-2012)
81 • HIGHDEF 2010 Sweet Red, Mosel $12.
Plum and red melon with medium sweetness and low acidity. Inoffensive, but lacks stuffing, aromatics or character. A very simple off-dry red wine. (tasted on Sep-27-2012)
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