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Canada: Canadian Dessert Wines

What About Canadian Dessert Wines?
Canada has slowly but surely been building a reputation as one of the world’s most abundant and consistent producers of Icewine, a style of wine most closely associated with Germany. In Germany, Icewine is produced in miniscule quantities at astronomical prices; and even then, only in favorable years.

Most of Canada’s Icewine is produced on the Niagara Peninsula, a cool growing region that can always count on a sustained cold spell in January to freeze Riesling or Vidal grapes on the vine. These grapes when pressed in their frozen state produce extraordinarily concentrated sweet wines with enough acidity to keep them fresh and uncloying. Given Canada’s northerly latitude, other regions, namely the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, are also proving able to make outstanding Icewines. US consumers have not yet been urged to seek these gems by the mainstream media; hence, these wines are not in widespread distribution. Devotees and enthusiasts will have to look to specialist wine shops in major markets.

Premier Producers
Calona (Late Harvest & Icewines)
Inniskillin (Icewine)
Jackson-Triggs (Grand Reserve Icewine)
Magnotta (Limited Edition Icewine & Sparkling Icewine)
Stoney Ridge (Select Late Harvest & Icewines)

Great Producers
Cedar Creek (Icewine)
Colio (Icewine)
Hester Creek (Icewine)
Hillebrand (Icewine)
Jackson-Triggs (Proprietor’s Reserve Icewine)
Lang (Late Harvest & Icewines)
Peller Estates (Icewine)
Pillitteri (Icewine)
Strewn Winery (Icewine)
Sumac Ridge (Icewine)
Tinhorn Creek (Icewine)

Dependable Producers
Some producers placed in this third tier are new (or new to us) and may merit a higher placement in subsequent vintages. These producers are offset by an asterik.
*Cave Spring (Icewine)
*Kittling Ridge (Icewine)
*Konzelmann (Icewine)
*London Winery (Late Harvest & Icewines)
*Mission Hill (Late Harvest & Icewines)
*Reif Estate (Icewine)
*Stonechurch (Icewine)
*Strewn Winery (Icewine)
*Vineland (Icewine)

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