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Canada: Canadian Whites

What About Canadian Whites?
In a short period of time Canada has developed a quality minded commercial wine industry. The northerly location of Canada’s wine growing regions, the most important of which is the Niagara Peninsula, necessitates a preponderance of white varietals which ripen more easily than reds.

As for popular whites, lean crisp Chardonnay’s are typical, though richer barrel fermented styles are also produced. Riesling is the most widely planted aromatic varietal and it renders a crisp lively style of wine. Gewurztraminer, Pinot Blanc, and sturdy hybrid varietals are also widely planted.

No one has yet seriously claimed that Canada is making international waves with its dry white wines in the manner that it is with its dessert wines. It is a marginal climate that is still establishing its best vineyard locations. As such, very little dry white Canadian table wine is exported to the US. Nonetheless, much palatable wine is produced, and it is well received on their domestic market. As things continue to improve and the industry continues to mature, certain sites and varietals will no doubt come to the fore, and Canadian whites will no doubt be seen with more regularity south of the border.

Premier Producers
Stoney Ridge (Chardonnay)

Great Producers
Calona (Chardonnay, Semillon)
Cedar Creek (Chardonnay)
Jackson-Triggs (Gewurztraminer, Riesling)
Konzelmann (Riesling)
Mission Hill (Riesling)
Peller Estates (Chardonnay)

Dependable Producers
Some producers placed in this third tier are new (or new to us) and may merit a higher placement in subsequent vintages. These producers are offset by an asterik.
*Carriage House (Chardonnay)
*Gray Monk (Gewurztraminer)
*Lake Breeze (Semillon, Pinot Blanc)
Magnotta (Limited Edition)
Mission Hill (Chardonnay)
Quails’ Gate (Chardonnay)
*Strewn (Chardonnay)
Sumac Ridge (Gewurztraminer)

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