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Eastern Mediterranean: Eastern Mediterranean Wines

What About the Eastern Mediterranean?
Long known as the cradle of civilization, the countries bordering the eastern Mediterranean were also among the first to cultivate the vine. While production of the worldsÂ’ better wines had moved westward over the centuries, countries such as Greece continued to maintain their enological traditions, if largely for domestic consumption. Today, however, as improvements in winemaking technology are being made elsewhere, the residual effects are having drastic changes on the areasÂ’ wine industries, particularly for export. The region can now be looked to for a bevy of clean, well made, international style wines at bargain prices. Additionally a handful of estates have set their sights even higher, and are trying to produce truly world class wines.

Premier Producers
Chateau Musar (Lebanon)

Great Producers
Domaine Carras (Greece)
Domaine Constantin Lazardi (Greece)
Domaine Mercouri (Greece)
Skouras (Greece)

Dependable Producers
Carmel (Israel)
Gamla (Israel)
Golan (Israel)
Kavaklidere (Turkey)
Kourtaki (Greece)
Yarden (Israel)

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