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France: Burgundy: Pouilly-Fuisse

What is Pouilly-Fuissé?
Pouilly-Fuissé is a white wine made from Chardonnay in a group of towns just to the north of the Beaujolais region in the far south of Burgundy. The wines as a whole can be undistinguished, but the best producers make wines that are rich, ripe, and often tinged with oak. The best can age for several years, though most are ready on release. As far as value is concerned, the wines might be considered moderately expensive, though not excessively so. The very best producers will be worth the premium paid. Additionally, Pouilly-Fuissé can be somewhat more consistent than the more glamorous appellations of the Cote d’Or, an hour to the north. The peaks, however, will not be as high.

Premier Producers
Robert Denogent (Vieilles Vignes Les Carrons)
Chateau Fuisse (Le Clos & Vieilles Vignes)
Louis Jadot (Le Mont de Pouilly)
Chateau des Rontets (Vieilles Vignes)
Jacques Simonin (Vieilles Vignes)
Valette (Clos Reyssie Reserve Particulaire)
Vessigaud (Vieilles Vignes)

Great Producers
Abelanet Laneyrie (Les Fourneaux)
Auvigue (Vieilles Vignes)
Paul Beaudet (Futs de Chêne)
Chateau de Beauregard (La Maréchaude)
Georges Burrier (Cuvée Prestige)
La Collonge (Brown Bottle & Green Bottle)
Robert Denogent (Les Reisses & Cuvée Claude Denogent)
Thierry Drouin (Vieilles Vignes & Metertiere)
Georges Duboeuf (Clos Reissier)
Eloy (Cuvée Prestige)
Chateau Fuisse (Regular)
de Fussiacus (Vieilles Vignes & Les Vieux Mues)
Gilles Guerrin (Vieilles Vignes)
Louis Jadot (Cuvée Reserve Speciale)
Michel Lapierre (Vieilles Vignes)
Chateau des Rontets (Regular)
Roure de Paulin (Vieilles Vignes)
J&N Saumaize (Vieilles Vignes)
Jacques Simonin (Cuvée des Roches)
La Soufrandise (Vieilles Vignes & Clos la Soufrandise)
Thibert (Vignes Blanches & Vieilles Vignes)

Dependable Producers
Abelanet Laneyrie (Les Chevrieres & Cuvée Prestige)
Auvigue (Les Chailloux)
Paul Beaudet (Domaine des Trois Tilleuls)
Chartron et Trebuchet (Domaine de la Chapelle)
Denuziller (Le Clos)
Thierry Drouin (Les Crays)
Georges Duboeuf (Oak-Aged)
Eloy (Regular)
Yves Giroux
Larochette (Le Clos du Monsieur Joly)
Larochette-Manciat (Cuvée Boisée & Les Petite Bruyeres)
Louis Latour
Château de Lavernetie (Cuvée de Jean Jacques de Boisseau & Regular)
Mommessin (Reserve du Chateau au Pouilly)
J&N Saumaize (La Roche)
Thibert (Regular)

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