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Germany: German Riesling

What About the Great Rieslings of Germany?
What is most surprising about German wines is how little attention they receive in the American wine market. Few know that Germany has experienced an unbroken string of good to excellent vintages since 1988. What’s more, according to the German Wine Information Bureau in New York, production of high quality wine is up, vineyard acreage has expanded, and more wines are being produced from riesling, Germany’s finest grape. Yet exports to the US dropped by half during the 1980s, and have since shown steady single digit market declines. Some top producers have done better, thanks to importers pushing their highest quality lines, but too many indifferent German wines from the 1970s combined with a worldwide move toward drier styles, has engendered lackadaisical sales overall. The upshot is that good quality German wines will sometimes be tough to find, however, those who are willing to search them out will be rewarded by some of the best wine values in today’s marketplace. Estate bottled German rieslings at the Auslese and Spatlese levels are some of the world’s finest white table wines, and they can often be purchased for less than your average start-up boutique winery’s new chardonnay; a great value to say the least.

Premier Producers
Dr. Pauly Bergweiler
Georg Breuer
Maximin Grunhaus
Fritz Haag
Dr. Loosen
J.J. Prum
Peter Nicolay
Studert Prum

Great Producers
Dr. Burkin Wolf
J.J. Christoffel
Freidrich Wilhelm Gymnasium
Freiherr Heyl zu Herrnsheim
Sybille Kuntz
Hans Lang
Ulrich Langguth
Prinz zu Salm
Schloss Lieser
Albrecht Schneider
Bert Simon
Schloss Saarstein
Schloss Vollrads
Dr. H. Thanisch
Reichsrat von Buhl
Baron von Heyl
Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt

Dependable Producers
Geisenheim Institute
Carl Graff
Baron zu Knyphausen
Egon Muller
Klaus Neckerauer
Schloss Schonborn
Prinz von Hessen
Maximilian von Othegraven
Langwerth von Simmern
Schloss Wallhausen
Eugen Wehrheim
J.L. Wolf
Dr. Zenzen

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