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Italy: Piemontese Whites

Whites in Piedmont?
While it is true that Piedmont is noted primarily for its great red wines, there are also a handful of whites produced. Two white grapes in particular are indigenous to the region and produce unique wines: Arneis and Cortese. While an Arneis will be labeled as such, a Cortese will actually be labeled after the town around which production is centered—Gavi. Arneis is a crisp, racy, high acid white that makes an excellent aperitif or accompaniment to shellfish. Gavi, on the other hand, tends to have a fuller impression in the mouth. The Italians tend to liken it to Chardonnay, but even the best examples tend to be rather neutral in flavor. Contrary to popular opinion, Arneis is probably the more interesting of the two. Finally, as in all other parts of the world, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are beginning to pop up here and there. Not surprisingly, as the region’s climate is well suited to these international varietals, the initial releases have been solid. One would be excused for asking; however, why a region with such a wealth of unique varietals would feel the need to jump on the Chardonnay bandwagon.

Premier Producers
Ceretto (Monsordo Viognier)
Deltetto (Arneis)
Fontanafredda (Ampelio Chardonnay)
Gaja (Gaia & Rey Chardonnay)
La Giustiniana (Vigna Clara Gavi)

Great Producers
Cocconato Bava (Alteserre Bianco)
Ca’ Bianca (Gavi)
Castello di Neive (Arneis)
Ceretto (Blange Arneis & La Bernardina Chardonnay)
Pio Cesare (Arneis)
Ceste (Arneis)
Aldo Conterno (Printanie Bianco)
Contratto (Le Arnelle Gavi)
Armando Cuniberto (Bric Muntvada Arneis)
Gaja (Rossj Bass Chardonnay)
La Giustiniana (Vigneti Lugarara & Vigna Montessora Gavis)
Icardi (L’Aurora Cortese)
Malvira (Trinita Arneis)
Rino Marteningo (La Raja Gavi)
Fratelli Oddero (Collaretto Chardonnay)
Patrizi (Arneis)
La Scolca (Black Label Gavi)
Valditerra (Gavi)
Villa Fiorita (Sovrano)
Roberto Voerzio (Fossati Roscaleto Chardonnay)

Dependable Producers
Bel Colle (Arneis)
Tenuta Carretta (Arneis)
Pio Cesare (Gavi)
Aldo Conterno (Bussiador Bianco)
Contratto (La Sabauda Chardonnay)
Figini (Gavi)
Fontanafredda (Gavi)
Antonio Gallina (Arneis)
Bruno Giacosa (Arneis)
Giribaldi (Arneis & Gavi)
Icardi (Suris Sara Chardonnay)
Malvira (Saglietto Arneis & Treuve Bianco)
Neirano (Gavi)
Podere Saulino (Gavi)
La Raja (Gavi)
Enrico Serafino (Arneis)
Torregiorgi (Runcneuv Arneis)
Laura Valditerra (Gavi)
Villa Sparina (Gavi)

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