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Italy: Regional Italy: Valpolicella

What is Valpolicella?
Valpolicella is a wine produced in large quantities in the Veneto, just west of Venice. It tends toward the cheap and cheerful, with brisk acidity and lean flavors that make it a good match for food. Like Chianti, the region has suffered somewhat of an image problem in years past, but in the last decade more and more producers have begun making more interesting wines. Based on the indigenous Corvina grape, Valpolicella can range in style from the aforementioned quaffers to something that rather more resembles the region’s flagship, Amarone, with weighty alcohol levels and a distinctive, forceful, roasted, port-like note to the flavors. Valpolicella, almost universally, represents good value for money.

Premier Producers
Bertani (Vigneto Ognisanti)
Ca’ del Monte (Vigneto Scaiso)
Corte Sant’Alda (Mithas)

Great Producers
Allegrini (La Grola)
Baltieri (Monte Paradiso)
Bertani (Valpantena)
Brigaldara (Il Vegro)
Masi (Serego Aligheri)

Dependable Producers
Allegrini (Normale)
Baltieri (La Romanesa)
Brigaldara (Normale)
Corte Sant’Alda (Normale)
Remo Farina
Masi (Normale)
Luigi Righetti (Campolietti)
Fratelli Speri (Vigneto la Roverina)
Tommasi (Rafael)
Villa Bellini (Taso)
Fratelli Zeni (Vignealte & Normale)

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