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USA: U.S. Fruit Wines

What About US Fruit Wines?
We have extolled the virtues of traditionally made American fruit wines for some years now, and this year shall be no different, as the category is full of well made and downright excellent wines. Perhaps most surprising is the fact that some of the best wines are actually made in dry table styles.

Bartlett of Maine probably produces the top fruit wines in the country. Unlike the sweet dessert styles made by most fruit wine producers, Bartlett’s top Blueberry cuvée is dry and aged up to 18 months in 100-percent new French oak. Deep and exotic, with an extraordinary fragrance and a supple structure, this wine has proven to be one of the nation’s great wine secrets, year after year. Those looking for fruity blueberry juice need not apply. It resembles sweet, fresh blueberries about as much as Cabernet resembles sweet, fresh grapes.

Premier Producers
Bargetto(Chaucer’s Mead)
Chateau Grand Traverse
St. Julian (Raspberry & Cherry Champagnes)

Great Producers
Good Harbor
Martinelli (Cider)
St. Julian (Peach & Cranberry Champagnes)
Paul Thomas

Dependable Producers
Earle Estates
Nashoba Valley Winery
Wildwood Cellars

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