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USA: U.S. Rose

What is a U.S. Rosé?
U.S. rosés cover a multitude of variations on a subtle theme. Colors vary from barely perceptible pink tinges to full blown cranberry hues. They are rarely vinified with the lavish expense of premium wines, and can be made from a wide variety of red grapes. By definition, they are not usually varietally expressive, and as such can be made from almost any grape that can add some color. A favorite is Zinfandel, which for many years has been the mainstay of California blush wines. At the lower end of the spectrum, rosés, frequently bearing the White Zinfandel tag, can have rather faint flavors, sometimes obvious sweetness, and an occasional lack of acidity. At their best, U.S. rosés made from noble varietals are fresh and fruity, sporting much more character and color than French rosés. Italian and Rhône varietals often yield the best results in California, sometimes even with a touch of oak seasoning.

Premier Producers
Paraiso Springs (Baby Blush)
Swanson (Rosato of Sangiovese)
Pedroncelli (Zinfandel Rosé)

Great Producers
Beringer (Rosé de Saignée)
Cosentino (Tenero Rosa)
De Loach (White Zinfandel)
La Famiglia di Robert Mondavi (Rosato Sangiovese)
Joseph Phelps (Vin du Mistral Rosé)
Laurel Lake (Lake Rosé)
Peju Province (Provence Rosé)
Sanford (Pinot Noir Vin Gris)
Thornton (Grenache Rosé)
Treleaven (Saumon Blush)
Les Vieux Cépages (Ronfleur)
Wollersheim (Prairie Blush)

Dependable Producers
Beaulieu (Pinot Noir Vin Gris)
Cakebread (Rosé)
Casa Larga (Blush)
Chateau Lafayette Reneau (Pinot Noir Blanc)
Curtis (Syrah Rosé)
Gristina (Rosé of Cabernet)
Macari (Rosé d’Une Nuit)
McDowell (Grenache Rosé)
Monteviña (Nebbiolo Rosato)
Napa Ridge (White Zinfandel)
Peju Province (Karma Rosé)
Santa Barbara Winery (White Zinfandel)
Sobon (Rhône Rosé)
Steele (Pacini Vineyard Vin Gris)
Tefft (Rosey Outlook)
Thomas Fogarty (Rosé of Sangiovese)

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