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Spirits Articles


A Grab Bag of Holiday Spirits
A Year of Spirits Reviews in Review

By Jerald O’Kennard

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The Rise of Celtic Whisk(e)y

By Terry Sullivan, Very Special to Tastings

The 21th Century has been kind to lovers of Irish and Scotch whiskies. Like the re-emergence of single malt Scotch and small-batch Bourbons, there has been a renaissance in Irish distilling, including a return to pot-still whiskies and single malts, and a variety of exotic cask finishes, although the definitions of whiskey types are a touch looser than in Scotland--like so many other things, particularly late at night.   more >>

Ginerations of Juniper Juice

By Terry Sullivan, Very Special to Tastings

Gin, gin, gin, makes you want to sin...or so college students were wont to sing a couple of generations ago, and it did, although students then and now hardly needed encouragement. Gin, however, has always had that reputation, however unfairly.
The Brits called it the charlady’s drink and Mother’s Ruin, based largely on the unfortunate gin craze in the 18th century, brought about by English tariffs on French brandy (things were touch-and-go between the two for a few centuries) among other things.   more >>