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Spirits Articles


The Geezer Pleaser
Gray Daze of Vodka

By Terry Sullivan, Very Special to BTI

Well, vodka, no pun intended. I’m older than vodka, so it’s never been on my preferred potable list. OK, I’m not actually older than vodka, but when I was first bellying up to assorted bars on the west side of Chicago, it wasn’t on most people’s lists and the vodkateers were marketing it as having "no taste, no smell," which struck me at the time as, well, dumb.   more >>

Dreams Come True in Blue Agave

By Terry Sullivan, Very Special to Tastings.com

 “If Elvis had developed a taste for añejo Tequila instead of fried peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwiches, he’d be on tour today. “ - José Cuervo IV

At least he said his name was José Cuervo IV. Ran into him in a joint in Memphis a few years back, which is how we got on the subject.   more >>

Rum by Gum

By Terry Sullivan, Very Special to BTI

Rumbullion. Sounds like soup, put it’s the most likely source for the name of a lovely spirit which has been unfairly tied to pirates. Rumbullion, sometimes rumbustion, was the behavior associated with folks who’d had a few jars of rum when it was the new kid on the bar, and it was shortened to become the name of the tipple itself.   more >>