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Eco-Friendly Wines Shine on the International Stage
The Time is Ripe for Green Wine

Posted: November 3, 2010

By Jerald O’Kennard

Eco-Friendly wines, like foodstuffs, are on the rise. As consumers demand more green goods, producers respond by embracing traditional farming techniques that in many cases produce better quality fruit and more profitability. However on the other side of the wine equation, namely winemaking, there is a tendency to resist giving up all the controls at the modern winemaker’s disposal. Read sulfur.

This tension has created a myriad of wine production categories, in addition to the encyclopedia of other varietal and regional categories for consumers to juggle. Do you prefer organic wines, well then there is no sulfur preservative so perhaps the wines won’t age well; maybe then a biodynamic wine might have something extra, or perhaps wine made with organically grown grapes in more your cup of tea. We noticed this potentially confusing situation a few years ago and responded with a descriptive "green" label next to any reviews of certified green products (organic, biodynamic, organically grown grapes, sustainable farming, etc.) We also started a separate tasting for green wines, in an attempt to put the spotlight on them and closely assess their quality as a group.

This year’s tasting features many notable wines from around the world and included some standouts from Argentina and the US, in particular the well-known Bonterra brand. So if you’ve not had an eco-friendly wine, do not be afraid; the time is ripe for green wines.

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