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Stylish US Chardonnays for Spring

Posted: April 5, 2013

By Jerald O’Kennard

California Chardonnays get a bad rap from some quarters for being too big, too buttery and too oaky, however that rap is passé as the supposed style it criticizes. The fact is that domestic chardonnay producers have listened to their critics and customers and, for the most part, dialed back the oak and focused more on fruit and finesse. Which is good, especially at this time of year, in between the warming reds of winter and crisp, lighter white of summer, when you really want a rich glass of white wine that’s balanced just right.

Our first 2013 tasting of Chardonnays from around the country confirms the true state of stave conscious winemaking. We found very few oak bombs. In fact you’re more likely to find an extroverted oaky chardonnay from the East Coast than the West Coast.

Here is a list of recommended American chardonnays to explore and adore with an open mind and mouth.

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