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A Smattering of French, Italian & Spanish Wines
Out-of-Schedule and Right on Time

By Jerald O’Kennard

We taste and review a lot of wines. In order to do so effectively, we hava a tasting calendar and taste different categories of wine each month according to that calendar. Lately we’ve had a lot of producers that would like to have our thoughtful reviews of their wines, but their production schedules don’t coincide with our calendar.   more >>

Voyages of the Vine  
America’s Original, Zin

By JT Robertson, Special to BTI

Wine drinkers these days are a savvy bunch.  They know about regions, grapes, growers, and vintages.  This is good!  The more we know and demand, the better juice we’ll get.  But an overlooked factor is vine age.  Pinot Noir needs twenty years to start really strutting whereas young Chardonnay can be impressive at fifteen.  Then there are the grapes that really need some years on their skin to start blowing minds: Grenache, Carignan, Zinfandel.  Fortunately, America’s West Coast is loaded with beautiful Old Vine Zin and it’s an absolute shame there isn’t more recognition of one of our viticultural treasures.   more >>

South America, Home to Flavor and Value
Amazing wines at amazing prices


  more >>

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